5 Current Trends For Jaw-Dropping Boudoir Pictures

5 Current Trends For Jaw-Dropping Boudoir Pictures

Planning to do a boudoir shoot is not an easy decision to make. It’s 2022, and still, people do question boudoir shoots, but still, boudoir photography is on the rise, and many women out there are opting and booking appointments for Michigan boudoir photography because boudoir shoots allow women to understand and embrace their beauty and sensuality with confidence. The Michigan boudoir photography is a creative approach to understanding and accepting your body. If you are planning to do a boudoir shoot, it is vital to get clicked in the best way possible so that you would have pictures to cherish memories.

To get the best possible shots, it is crucial for the client and for the photographer to know and understand the new current trends out there. The Michigan boudoir photography will look stunning when you passionately incorporate new trends that enhance the overall look and add depth and beauty to the shots.

If you look at the trends of Michigan boudoir photography, you will see that there are so many things that photographers have covered over the last three to four years. From minimalism to contemporary bridal shoots, cozy clothes, stripping down completely, and using of crops, many trends make pictures unique and distinct. In 2022, the trends have changed, and if you are planning for a boudoir shoot and want to make the entire process memorable – here are the six trends that one should follow to get jaw-dropping pictures.

Michigan boudoir photography

Retro Romance

As mentioned above, there was a trend of modernism and contemporary looks where women not only used modern, minimal locations but also opted for extremely modern and chic lingerie. But now, many women are gravitating toward retro vintage looks. It’s time to go back to the 60s and 40s when women dressed up as babydolls and wore longline bras to accentuate their hourglass figures. Many women are opting for Michigan boudoir photography with a vintage vibe where the location has subtle old vintage touches. When it comes to personal dress and makeup, they choose vintage pumps, red lipstick, permed hair, and pearls paired with thigh-high stockings to complete their vintage look.

Group Shoot

Another trend that is gaining momentum in Michigan boudoir photography is group shoots. More and more women are coming with their friend groups for boudoir shoots. Group shoots allow girls to relax and enjoy, boost their confidence, and feel more comfortable in their lingerie. Some groups opt to wear matching ensembles while others dress up according to their bodies and liking, making pictures extremely vibrant and exciting.

Couples Boudoir

Couples boudoir is a stellar bonding experience, which is probably the main reason many couples are now opting for Michigan boudoir photography. This trend began in 2020, but now it is full-blown because couples are seeking out Michigan boudoir photography to capture some intimate moments. The Michigan boudoir photography allows them to appreciate one another and their beauties. If you are also looking to spice things up with your significant other – it is time for Michigan boudoir photography. The Michigan boudoir photography creates a deeper level of intimacy and brings that spark back between two people.

S&M is Back

The S&M Michigan boudoir photography is all about exuding confidence and becoming fierce in front of the camera. S&M is about having whips, chains, paddles, and blindfolds as your props. If you want your pictures to be daring and exciting, or you just want to tap deep into your desires, and 50 shades fantasies – then S&M Michigan boudoir photographer is for you. This Michigan boudoir photography focuses on women’s assets and accentuates their bodies in the sexiest way possible. Pretty unconventional, but this trend is becoming extremely popular for those who want to let loose, get raunchy, and want to bring out their fearlessness.

Getting Wet

You might wonder how this is any new trend because getting wet is something we see models and actresses often doing during their shoots or in movies. But here the question is, have you ever shot or clicked a picture when you are drenched in the shower with see-through clothing or completely nude? It is exciting, and if you haven’t, you are missing out on a lot. Being naked and dripping water wakes up a fierce side in you. It is sexy, and our bodies do look intimate. This trend in Michigan boudoir photographer is becoming popular, and many women are using the bathtub as a prop to bring the spotlight to their bodies.


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