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Are you tired of chasing perfection and the perfect body that the media tells us is “Normal”? Do you just want to stop letting those toxic and negative feelings about your body and how you look hold you back from experiencing your best life? If you have these feelings, I am glad you found your way to our little sexy corner of the internet. Because, here in our Chicago & NWI boudoir studio I can help you love and accept the woman that you are and accept your body for the amazing things it can do for you and not how it looks. Because when this internal transformation happens, that is when you will start living the life you have been dreaming of. And maybe even keep the lights on in the bedroom more often! (wink, wink) My desire to help women get the self love they desire, was not an accident. It was fueled by many years of being brutally bullied by peers because they thought I looked different than they did. 12 years ago I discovered the art of Indiana boudoir photography and it changed my life and how I viewed myself so profoundly that I made it my mission in life to help as many women as I could find the beauty within themselves. Your mind will believe anything you tell it, feed it love, feed it encouragement, feed it TRUTH. So if you are ready to stop chasing the affirmation of others and find the beauty in your non symmetrical boobs, your battle scars and stretchmarks, I want to tell your story. The beautiful, raw, messy, imperfect story. So that one day soon you WILL stand up proudly and say “That’s me–that’s the day I got brave, did something for me, lived in the moment, made peace with myself. That is the day something within me changed.”

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My husband Alan and I were high school sweethearts and have been married 23 years. I could not imagine navigating through this amazing life we have together without him in it .

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