Inspiring Ideas For Maternity Boudoir Photography

Sexual hormones, like estrogen, increase in a woman’s body during pregnancy.Estrogen boosts a woman’s libido and increases the radiance of her skin. This goddess-like radiance looks even more beautiful surrounded by soft sheets and delicate lace. Serve up sexy with a maternity boudoir photography shoot.

It’s the perfect way to embrace the change of your body while appreciating your natural sensuality. Are you looking for ideas for a pregnancy boudoir shoot? Look no further than this guide.

Step Into Female Divinity

Before testing out any maternity boudoir shoot ideas, take time to tap into your divine feminine. Embrace the side of you that’s a creator, a nurturer, and a gentle mother. (Remember, female divinity is not gender-specific but instead carries the qualities typically associated with female-identifying figures.)

There are several ways you can do this! And don’t be surprised if creative boudoir ideas start rolling in as you tap into your feminine.


Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s a way to refill your own cup before you continue filling others.

Caring for yourself looks different for everyone. It can look like a warm bubble bath or a day at the spa, or it can be becoming involved in local politics and volunteer groups. Women find their power and fill their cups in different ways.

No matter how you find self-care, find time to rest and honor your body. There should be no shame associated with rest so kick up your feet.


Step into sexy by indulging in pleasurable experiences. Just like self-care, pleasure is different for everyone.

If you don’t know where to start, think about what brings you bliss. Is it intimate time with your partner? Do you enjoy spending time exploring your own body and sensations?

Pleasure may also be splitting a piece of decadent chocolate cake with a friend or floating in the pool.


Many pregnant women laugh at the idea of sexy pregnancy photos. They feel silly celebrating themselves and their pregnant body.

Dealing with the changes of your pregnant body can be difficult, especially if you’re also experiencing aches and nausea. Mentally prepare yourself for a sexy photoshoot by embracing your new, motherly body.

Thank your body for supporting new growth. Show your gratitude for being able to carry a child.

If you’re stuck on complimenting yourself, chat with a supportive partner or friend. They’ve surely noticed your glowing skin, supple body, and bright eyes during pregnancy!

Exploring Maternity Boudoir Ideas

Once you’ve stepped into your divine feminine, it’s time to take some photos. You can either recruit a friend to help with photos, use a self-timer on your phone, or hire a professional!


You might be blushing at the thought of this, but your bedroom is where the magic happens, right? Set up an intimate boudoir maternity shoot in your very own bedroom.

The bedroom is great for a shoot because it’s a private place you feel comfortable and relaxed. This relaxation will visually translate into the photos.

Spend time tidying up the room, laying down fresh sheets on the bed, and adding a few extra special touches. Some women add touches of fresh flowers, an accent chair, or fluffy pillows.


Are you located near a beach? Head out for an early morning sunrise shoot to capture your sensuality in all its glory.

Long robes made of sheer, ivory materials look beautiful against the water and sand. Make sure the materials are sheer enough for the sunlight to seep through.

Are you stressed with selecting several maternity boudoir outfits? Keep it simple with a black bikini. Embrace your pregnant belly, and let it shine brighter in the sun by rubbing oil on it.


If you have the budget to do so, hire a nearby studio space to take sexy pregnancy photos. Many studios come equipped with basic lighting and props to use.

Keep things simple by posing against a neutral white or black backdrop. Stand out with colored lace, a silk robe, and/or dramatic makeup. Bring a friend to help with posing.

Does the studio have clean hardwood flooring? Lay down a soft sheet to lay on for photos. The contrast between the wood and sheet looks great in a finished photo.


A cute, accessible space for any boudoir or pinup shoot is your very own living room!

Using your own living space is a great way to incorporate your personality into a sexy shoot. Plus, you have plenty of props at the end of your fingertips.

Lay across your couch that’s been adorned with a crushed velvet sheet and soft pillows. Sit fancy in an accent chair by a large window. Let the natural light of the room spill across your tummy.

Are you wanting a moody vibe to your photos? Shoot at night, and use a warm living room lamp. Make sure your camera is good with low-light settings before doing this.


Is your home littered with children’s toys and pet fur? It happens to the best of us.

Reserve a nearby hotel room if you want to capture a comfortable, relaxed vibe without the need to clean. (It’s also a great excuse to have a mini staycation.)

Most standard hotel rooms come with a comfortable bed, a shower, and a window. But if you’d like to add to the aesthetic of the photos, find a unique boutique hotel that features one-of-a-kind decorations and textures.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can also reserve a full suite with a couch and a large shower. Nothing’s sexier than maternity photos in a steamy shower!


Have you noticed your partner can’t keep their hands off you during your pregnancy? The pregnancy glow can be intoxicating.

Bring in your partner for a portion of your maternity boudoir shoot. Experience subtle intimate moments as you pose in your lace alongside your loved one.

Pose them around your pregnant body. Ask them to caress your bump with their hands or to place a light kiss on your stomach with their lips.

These will be memories you’ll hold onto forever!


You don’t need a major boudoir maternity shoot to capture your beauty. Celebrate your pregnancy with selfies.

Purchase a ring light to keep around the home. It doesn’t have to be anything big. There are plenty of small ring lights on tripods on platforms such as Amazon.

Use the ring light and your front-facing camera on your phone to snap sexy selfies. Dress up in your favorite lingerie or pose in tasteful nudes. You can even wrap yourself in a soft sheet or towel.

Keep these selfies to yourself as a private celebration, or share them with your partner as a surprise gift. You can even send them in a spicy text while they’re at work, but you didn’t hear that from us.

Choosing a Boudoir Photographer

Selecting the best boudoir photographer for YOU is crucial when booking a pregnancy shoot.

Pregnancy can be a vulnerable, traumatic, and touchy time for many women. This vulnerability is only increased when posing in front of a camera. Find a photographer that encourages you and makes you feel safe throughout your shoot.

Start your photographer search by hopping onto Google or reaching out to friends who have worked with a boudoir photographer in the past. Look at a photographer’s client testimonials and reviews.

If you’re interested in a photographer, reach out to ask about a consultation or a quick cup of coffee to discuss ideas for a shoot. As you chat with them about your ideas, guarantee they make you feel safe.

At any point, if you start feeling uncomfortable during your initial booking conversation, find another photographer.

Finding an Outfit

Just like selecting a photographer, finding an outfit that makes you feel confident is also important.

Some women enjoy wearing sexy two-piece sets. They may purchase a satin set or opt for a feminine lace.

Other women feel better with something covering their stomachs. Sheer robes or form-fitting bodysuits are great for sexy single-piece fits!

Chat to your photographer to see whether or not an outfit change is included with your photography package. Some photographers charge extra per outfit change due to the time it takes.

Capturing the Divine: Maternity Boudoir Photography

Visually capture the process of creation by scheduling a maternity boudoir photography shoot. Make sure to read the above guide for tips, tricks, and ideas.

When deciding what you want to do for a maternity boudoir photoshoot, go with what feels best for you and your body. This is your time to shine, and you deserve the extra love and care.

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