Boudoir Photography: 5 common mistakes to avoid

Boudoir Photography: 5 common mistakes to avoid

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We are humans and mistakes are something we all make. Being hard on yourself is not a solution because making mistakes is a process of learning and if you take them as an experience – you can really learn a lot. However, with an abundance of information and videos out there – chances are you can really avoid silly and common mistakes after all. When it comes to boudoir mistakes made by Wisconsin boudoir photographers – I do not cringe because the boudoir is an exploratory field and every mistake teaches us something. As a Wisconsin boudoir photography, even though I have made mistakes early in my career but I feel blessed to be able to live and learn from them. Knowledge is power and today through this blog, I am sharing some of the mistakes I have seen many Wisconsin boudoir photography making honestly they aren’t the end of the world and can be rectified pretty easily.


Boudoir photography


Boudoir sessions are exciting for both Wisconsin boudoir photography and for clients. For clients – it is obviously an extremely empowering and confidence-boosting experience and for Wisconsin boudoir photographers, it is the time to unleash your creativity. While on one hand, it’s a thrilling experience, on the other hand, it can become extremely challenging if the client and Wisconsin boudoir photography fails to avoid mistakes.

Today the 5 common mistakes we are going to discuss today are committed by both – clients and Wisconsin boudoir photographers.

Cropping out limbs

Cropping is an essential part of photography and it can make or break the entire picture. When it comes to cropping pictures – it is vital to remember that do not crop out the limbs or do not crop the picture from joints. Boudoir is all about the body and the clients mostly pose with their hands and accentuate their bodies using their limbs, therefore, cropping limbs out would make pictures extremely weird.

Boudoir photography

Lacking vision

“ just go with the flow” does not go well when it comes to a boudoir session. Both client and the Wisconsin boudoir photographer should have some vision for the session. The vision simply means the idea about what to do, what poses to go for, what kind of lingerie to wear, the background, place, theme, and much more. Not deciding anything beforehand can create fuss and chaos which will eventually ruin the entire boudoir session.

Minimum Communication With the Photographer

Now as a client, if you have a vision or ideas or even expectations it is important that you clearly communicate it with the Wisconsin boudoir photographer to ensure perfect results at the very end. For desired results – it is important that you communicate with the Wisconsin boudoir photography and get comfortable with them. Boudoirs can not be done by just booking a session, arriving at the location, and clicking pictures. If you want perfect results that match your expectations – you need to communicate so the Wisconsin boudoir photography would know everything and will carry out the session without any mistakes.

Being over-prepared

Although this point clashes with the point I mentioned above but knowing that having a vision is important but overplanning the entire shoot and following a precise plan is not possible. There are things that you can decide beforehand but there are certain things and elements that change or get altered at that very moment. Overplanning camera angles and poses are something you should not do. You might have seen pictures on the internet but know that it’s not important or necessary that those poses or angles would work for you too. Your body is different and thus, it is important to capture it in a way that looks flattering. Different techniques, lights, and styles are used so it is important to not get very particular about stuff.

Terrible props

Props add glamour and story to the boudoir pictures but using the wrong terrible and out-of-the-context props would totally destroy your pictures. Imagine standing in lingerie with a sports prop – yea, it does not make sense right? Props should make sense and choose the one that adds beauty, and story, and helps your client to stand out.


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