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How to Choose Boudoir Lingerie for a Photo Shoot

Are you preparing for your sexy and fun boudoir photoshoot? What are you going to wear? Deciding what to wear for your shoot is the hardest part. Sure, you've picked a fantastic photographer and a beautiful setting, but how are you going to adorn yourself so you feel as beautiful as you are? We're here to give you some advice. Betw ...

What’s an Erotic Photo Shoot? How Is It Different From Boudoir Shoot?

Did you know that there are more than 120,000 photographers in the US? Borne out of these thousands of photographers are also the countless photography styles. Boudoir and Erotic photography are only a few of the styles thriving right now. Erotic photography captures provocative images. Usually, the models are nude and have little to no cloth ...
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10 Excuses to Book a Boudoir Photo Session | Indiana Boudoir Photographer

Do you want to look and feel sexy? Do you know how to be confident in your own skin? Then a boudoir photo session is for you! The best way to do this is by booking an appointment with our photographer. There are many reasons why people book these sessions, but here are 10 excuses that will convince any person who needs convincing.

How Social Media Affects Your Self-Esteem: Tips to Change What You Look at on Social Media| Indiana boudoir photography

Like most people you, you probably can't imagine a life without social media. The average person spends upwards of two hours a day looking at social media. For some of us, this can be very harmful Every day, we make the conscious decision to either scroll through our social media feed or not. The choice seems simple enough, but the ...
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I will do it when I lose some weight and feel better about how I look... Doing what I do I hear all kinds of things from women. But they all have the same common agenda and tone to them. What do they all have in common you ask? Each and every one of them no matter what size they are, 99% of them do not how they look. They all compare themselves to what they see in magazines, on TV and ...

Chicago Boudoir Photography | Why You Should Book a Session With Our Studio

Why should you book a Session with our Studio? We know you have a lot of choices when choosing a Chicago Boudoir Photography Studio for your boudoir photography needs.  We are gonna tell you 7 amazing reasons why you should choose our studio since we know you have a lot of choices! Luxury Personalize ...
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At – Home Date Night Ideas

(All photos used in this post were purchased from stock photos, because I do not photograph couples, I could not use any of my own) If you are like most couples, you try and have a date night with just the two of you at least once a month!  But now we cannot do that due to stay at home orders and social distancing guidelines.  So, I am here to share with you ...

Let talk about your BUT

Let's talk about your BUT. No, not your BUTT ...your BUT. Ya know... "I really wanna do this BUT" "I really need this experience BUT" "I want to f ...
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Why We Are Always So Negative

Our Guest Speaker Teri Ledgerwood is back again this month in my VIP Facebook Group for another great talk . She is a body activist and a fellow boudoir photographer from Canada.  She goes around the country speaking to women about loving themselves and their bodies.  So I asked her to speak live in my group. ...

5 Reasons Why We Think We Look Like Shit in Photos

Kind of a crazy title I know !  But I did not come up with this title, this is the title of a LIVE talk that was done in my VIP Facebook Group by Tough Love Teri Ledgerwood. She is a body activist and a fellow boudoir photographer from Canada.  She goes around the country speaking to women about loving themselves and their bodies.  So I asked her to s ...
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