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maternity boudoir photography

Inspiring Ideas for Maternity Boudoir Photography

Sexual hormones, like estrogen, increase in a woman's body during pregnancy.Estrogen boosts a woman's libido and increases the radiance of her skin. This goddess-like radiance looks even more beautiful surrounded by soft sheets and delicate lace. Serve up sexy with a maternity boudoir photogra ...

What Kind of Lingerie is Best for My Body Type?

When planning for your special night out or your very own boudoir session, your undergarments mean a lot. And they can showcase your sexy side when choosing the right type of undergarments - especially when it's lingerie that fits well.   Here through this short guide, I will walk you through finding the best kinds of lingerie for your very own body type.   The Hourg ...
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large chest

What should I wear for my boudoir session if I have a large chest?

So you have a boudoir session scheduled, but now you are wondering What should I wear for my boudoir session if I have a large chest? Selecting the best  boudoir outfit ideas for large chests can be overwhelming, being a plus size girl myself and having a large chest, I totally understand. After photographing women for 14 years, I have seen every shape and size out there. If you are on the ...

Wardrobe tips for your boudoir photo shoot

Wondering what to wear for your Chicago boudoir photoshoot? Selecting boudoir photo outfits can be a bit intimidating, but these tips can help you decide what to wear for your boudoir photos! Bring a variety of outfits You want your final boudoir photo album to have a variety of outfits in it. Be sure not to bring along all the same styles or colors. Mix it up and have fun with it. Keep in m ...
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bra and panty sets

What to wear to a boudoir photoshoot? | Indiana Boudoir Photographer

So you're wondering what to wear to a boudoir photoshoot? When choosing your Indiana boudoir photographer, it is important to choose a photographer that has a firm grasp on what to wear to your boudoir photoshoot and how the items should fit you.  I have been an Indiana boudoir photographer for 12+ years. And I have no problem telling my clients that the outfit does not fit and they should wear something e ...
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