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It has been a long time since the fashion industry and media have been telling us that the perfect woman is the one who is tall, slim, or has an ideal hourglass shape and 36-24-36 inches to be exact.

We keep making boxes and putting women in them; honestly, this is exhausting.

When women have to hear how they need either gain weight or lose weight to look “ ideal” and “ perfect”. Let me tell you, every single body is perfect and ideal. For a lot of time, plus-size women were discriminated against on the basis of their weight. In high schools, girls are fat-shamed by their classmates, and in the fashion industry – they are not considered models enough for runways, and when it comes to clothes, we all know how restricted and limited options plus-size women have. The Chicago boudoir photography helps plus-size women feel confident in their own skin and body and helps them with self-love.

The Chicago boudoir photography is a great way for women to experience self-love and get their beauty, regalness, and fierceness get captured by professional photographers. Women get to do their hair, and makeup put on sexy lingerie, and feel confident and sexy. No matter what body type you have, boudoir photography is for you. The boudoir Chicago photographers understand that everybody is different and thus every one of them has different needs.

There are so many new trendy ideas out there for plus-size boudoir photography that looks flattering and best on women. So if you are a plus-size woman or a photographer who is capturing plus-size women, here are some of the best poses that will elevate your shoot. It is time to embrace your curves and display your gorgeous curvy figure.


Chicago boudoir photography

Arms up

When it comes to plus-size women and Chicago boudoir photography, one pose that works great is the arms up. Hands are very difficult body parts to pose. Honestly, even in our normal Instagram pictures, often we have no idea how to keep our hands. In boudoir photography, keep in mind that you are getting captured in a sensual way so putting your arms up in the air or in a cross will not only accentuate your body but will also highlight your curves in the most balanced form. No matter in which positing you are. Sitting, lying, crouching, or even standing, the arm pose can be done easily. It looks super regal and is versatile as well.

Laying With Crossed Legs ( Front )

If you are trying the Chicago boudoir photography on the bed, then you need to create this classic pose. For plus-size women, laying with crossed legs will allow you to display and elongate your legs. The front shot will display your entire body and will look sexier, feminine, and playful.

Arch The Back

Every single curve on your body is extremely beautiful and needs to be displayed and loved. Often, due to props, wrong poses, and unprofessional photography, the curves have not been captured the way they should be. If you are a professional boudoir Chicago photographer, you will know that to highlight the curvy body, especially, the booty, you would have to ask your client to arch their back. This is one of the most loved poses because it is not only easy to do but it looks sexier and feminine.

The arching of the back not only makes you appear taller but also highlights the amazing waist and gorgeous booty. Again this pose can be done anytime, no matter which position the model is in. be it lying, standing, or kneeling, they can arch their back to enhance the look of their curves.


Laying Down On Your Side

This is hands-down one of the best poses for curvier women because laying down accentuates the bodies and the side pose gives a very mysterious look. Combined with appropriate props and lingerie, you can get some of the most amazing shots.

Back On Display

For women or boudoir Chicago photographer who wants to capture the raw sensual beauty of women, they can opt for this pose. This is one of the iconic plus-size poses that every woman wants because of the sexiness and mysterious vibe it has. The model or client is supposed to sit and face their back to the camera. Once their back is on display, they can put their arms up in the hair, this will accentuate their curves. The client can also look at the side to give a mystery sexy vibe to it. By using the correct light, illuminate the back and curves to get intriguing, sensual, and aesthetic pictures.

If your clients want to keep themselves anonymous, this pose will work wonderfully for them.


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