by Janet Lynn

Chicago Boudoir: For Every Woman

chicago boudoir

Chicago boudoir: For Every Woman

When you think of the phrase “Chicago Boudoir” what comes to mind? Maybe you think of sexy photos, a glamorous experience or a great gift for your significant other. But I wonder if you might also think of ideas like empowerment, confidence, strength or self-acceptance? Because, yes, boudoir and pin-up photos are sexy and can make a great gift for that special someone. But more than that, they are an amazing gift to give to yourself, especially if you are single. A Chicago boudoir session with me will show you that you really are that beautiful, that strong, that confident and that amazing–I promise.

Chicago boudoir photos are for everyone!

I truly believe that the point of boudoir and pin-up photography is to show you–yes you–that you are beautiful and sexy and strong just how you are. And I don’t think that you need to be in a relationship to make the boudoir photography experience meaningful and fulfilling. Sharing your amazing boudoir photos with a significant other is great, but ultimately the experience of a Chicago boudoir photo session is for you and you alone.

The way that you feel about yourself after a photo session with me is why I do what I do and the empowerment and confidence that you’ll feel after our time together and then again when you see your amazing photos is a gift just for you.

Just for you is reason enough…

We so often look outside ourselves for confirmation that we are good enough, strong enough, beautiful enough, sexy enough. But what if I told you that booking a Chicago boudoir session with me could help you believe all those things about yourself without anyone else’s help? Loving yourself can be hard, but I promise that by booking a Chicago boudoir or pin-up session with me, I can show you so many reasons why you should love yourself exactly how you are right now.


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