How to dress if you have a tiny bust ! -

How to dress if you have a tiny bust !

Are you a bijou girl? Did god not bless you with great breasts?  That is okay, that is not a bad thing, think of all the back problems that you will not have to deal with.  But Janet, what should I wear to my boudoir session then?

  1. Stay are away with anything that has build in cups, because if you can not fill those cups with what got gave ya, it is not going to look great in pictures !  Also stay away from corsets, again, if you are to small to fill it, it going to look bad.
  2. Look for outfits that have a high neck line. This will help emphasize your shoulders and bring the attention up to your eyes !
  3.  Body suits are fun and playful for any breast size !
  4. If you want to wear a bra, lean toward a bralette.  They do not have cups in them that you have to worry about filling.  Sometimes you can find a great pushup bra, but again make sure you fill up the bra you choose.

Remember, no one has the perfect figure, so do not get frustrated when trying on clothing. Feel free to get in touch with me or send me photos so I can help you make your decisions and help you rock your photo session !

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