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Theses review were submitted to us via email from our clients instead of through Google. Please enjoy !

Hello to every woman that is insecure about their body as I once was. Am I cured, no but now I do not think I look ugly. I believe I am beautiful young woman. My name is Kayla. I got boudoir pictures done by Janet Lynn boudoir it was the best experience I have ever had. It was my first time but I had wanted them done for a while and I did it on a whim. Janet sent me emails that had plenty of enough tips that I would recommend to read closely. I got there, I was uncomfortable but Janet pulled me out of it very quickly. She told me as many times as I could remember that I was beautiful before during and after the photo shoot. She made Me feel extremely comfortable for the circumstances, I believe that every single woman should have these pictures done. Not for anyone else, but themselves. There was this one picture that made me second guess everything that I believed about myself. No matter how many people told me that I was beautiful, it was that one picture that made me realize that they were right, that I am beautiful and all it took was seeing that one picture. So to every woman that is second guessing this, say yes because you deserve to feel beautiful and truly believe that you are .
~Kayla (Tippecanoe , IN)

What an amazing experience it was working with Janet!! She was so professional and made me feel so comfortable. I was nervous at first and not sure what to expect but once we started talking and the camera started shooting, all my nervousness went away. It was such an empowering experience. The photos were AMAZING!! And I mean AMAZING!! I didn't know that by doing a photo shoot like this would make me feel so great! I cannot wait to show my fiancé his wedding gift! I know he will be amazed at the shots and how great they turned out!! I will definitely come back to Janet in the future! I have already told my sister and three friends that they have to do this!! Janet it the BEST!! Thank you so much Janet for an unforgettable experience and pictures that are going to WOW my husband to be!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!! ~ Kellie(Granger,IN)

I had a wonderful time during my photo shoot. Janet made me feel at ease and comfortable with myself throughout the entire process. She knew what to do to get some FABULOUS pictures. Extremely professional and courteous at all times, even while assisting with my outfit clips. The studio was perfect and I loved all the back drop and prop options. I have been recommending this to everyone!! Thank you for making my husband stand up and take notice!!~ Danielle (Manhattan, Illinois)

When the thought of doing a Boudoir photo shoot, I began searching all over the place and started to think that I was going to have to travel to the city---that was until I came across Janet's Intimates website. I was shocked at the number of women that had already done this type of photography and loved it!! But what made me want to do this even more was what was being said about Janet herself and the level of comfort she gave each and everyone of her clients. I was not let down!!! The moment that I showed up for the shoot I started to feel at ease. I have never done this type of thing before and was very nervous, but after the first picture was taken, I felt so comfortable and relaxed, I was ready for all it! I felt so empowered and beautiful after I left my photo shoot! I think that this is something that every women needs to try in their life. Even after I was done with the photo shoot, Janet was very easy to get a hold of, was kind and always put the feelings of her client FIRST!! This is a trait I feel is very hard to find, more so in photographers. Janet listened to the ideas and suggestions I had, making the whole experience about myself. I am very happy and glad that I had this experience, more so that it was with a person like Janet. -----Jennifer (Lowell, Indiana)

Every woman needs to do this!! I seriously called every boudoir photography place and none impressed me. I am so impressed with Janet! I was so nervous to do such an intimate session but Janet is phenomenal at everything! She calms you down, she helps you with every pose! she is such a sweet person you will feel like she is one of your best friends (which makes everything so much more comfortable !) I can't say enough about her! When I saw my pictures I cried ! I couldn't believe how gorgeous she made me look! Oh and you get airbrush makeup by a phenomenal makeup artist !! You will look and feel like a Victoria Secret angel I promise! Can't wait to bring my best friend in and do more photos for my soon to be hubby :) I live in Rockford IL and the drive was well worth it! What are you waiting for call her now ! ~Carmyn

What a wonderful feeling to be photographed by such a fun, comforting, and confident building lady. Thank you Janet. I was nervous at first but that did not last longer than the first few camera shots. Janet is wonderful at making you feel sexy and having fun doing the various positions many are not confident with. Thank you Janet for the awesome experience. If you are having it you'll feel empowered.~ Sandy

I had a wonderful experience and Janet made me feel very relaxed and confidant through the whole shoot. I was so impressed with how amazing I looked in my pictures!! I will recommend intimates by janet Lynn photography to all of my friends!! ~Kristine (West Chicago, IL)

Where to start, Janet Lynn is amazing. This woman really knows how to use a camera. Being in front of the lens couldn't of been more comfortable. With her laid back attitude and having a complete professional persona the ENTIRE session, I will recommend Janet to everyone that I know. I have never felt more confident and sexy. She is completely modest with her shots and doesn't make you do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable. It was a great confidence boost, as well as a great present for my husband to be. When you can walk around her studio with only a pair of black stiletto heels on and NOT feel awkward or uncomfortable, you know she's doing it right. Janet Lynn IS boudoir photography.~ Stephanie (Plymoth, IN)

The pictures were wonderful and that boosted my confidence. My husband received his gift book the night before our wedding. He tells me that it was a great idea. I felt comfortable with the session, and most of all, I had fun! Janet is very professional, and also really energetic and inspiring. ~ Krystal (Hammond, IN)

She made me feel as if we were friends and that I had known her for a long time she is unbelievable great photographer great person so down to earth. Best experience I’ve ever had I want to do this again. ~ Cynthia (Gary, IN)

You made me feel really comfortable and good about myself. You were very
professional. ~ Kelly (Rensselaer, IN)

I would recommend going to Janet Lynn for a variety of photo needs - that it's worth the drive from Chicago/MI. Top-notch photos are clearly the result. Plus, prices were quite reasonable - something we're all concerned about nowadays. I would say it was a great, low-key experience that made a potentially awkward photo-taking session very comfortable and fun! And the final photos speak for themselves - they were all great! ~ Adrienne (Chicago, IL)

I could be Janet's biggest fan! was recently married in September and thought I would get my groom a little something. I had heard about Boudoir photography from a friend and took to googling on my computer. I never thought I would find a photographer in the area that does these types of photos let alone was wonderful at her job and with the end result. I stumbled across Intimates by Janet Lynn photography and figured why not. I was very nervous, I've never been the utmost confident in my body and I have 2 children ages 2 and 6. But I figured worse case if I'm not happy with the photos I can always just not show my husband! Man, was I wrong! Not only did I show my husband I wanna show everyone! From the moment I met with Janet for our session she puts you at ease and it's like your girlfriends. She works with the most professionalism and yet fun attitude. There was not a moment where I felt I wanted to cover and hide or got uncomfortable. For those 2 hours I wasn't a stressed out over worked mother who barely gets a minute for herself. I was IT! I have never felt better about myself, the experience was the biggest self esteem booster. She knows what she is doing and if you have an insecurity (my tummy is mine) she knows how to photograph you just the right way to show you off. In the beginning I was doing this for my husband as a gift to him, the thing is it turned out to be more for me in the end. I couldn't be happier that I did it. I think at least every couple years all us women should have photographs taken for that little boost to get you by and the little extra pep in your step. Janet you are a wonderful photographer and I couldn't thank you enough for what that did for me, and old wrinkly me 50 years from now!! ~Sincerely, Janet's newest biggest fan~ Nikki (Wadsworth, IL)

Janet was awesome to work with! She made me feel so comfortable and confident in myself. The pictures turned out wonderfully, and were the perfect gift for my husband.
He loved them! ~ Vicki (Valparaiso, IN

Combine sophistication, class and elegance, add a dash of professionalism and a pinch of sex appeal and you have Intimates by Janet Lynn Photography. Janet Lynn captures the unique inner persona and beauty of every one of her clients in a cozy, comfortable and mature setting.
As a past (and future) client, I was overwhelmingly satisfied with my investment and I can't even begin to explain how excited my husband was with his surprise Valentine's day gift. I was truly transformed. I highly recommend that you give Janet Lynn the opportunity to bring out your inner vixen!! ~ Vicki (Crown Point, IN)

Great experience, would like to do it again ~ Marissa (Hamlet, IN)

Well worth the expense - because it is a bit expensive...but how often do you get to feel like a supermodel? ~Soraya (Hammond, Indiana)

If you are looking for an extraordinary gift for the love of your life, this is an experience you and your partner will not regret! ~ Lisa (Highland, IN)

You are terrific to work with, its really fun and its a totally different thing to do~ Nicole (Chicago, IL)

For intimate pictures Janet Lynn is very professional. The finished product turns out wonderful. ~Jessica (Griffith, IN)

The photos and session are of the upmost professional quality and I would highly recommend them to any women as a gift for her significant other or herself. ~Athena (Porter, IN)

I first found out about Janet Lynn photography by Googling boudoir photography. Her info came up and I called to get information on prices. She was as nice on the phone as she was in person. I booked her and went to her home where she has her studio. The space is very comfortable and spacious. She made me feel gorgeous and at ease. She encourages you to be yourself, be playful, and just have fun. There isn't a wrong pose or a bad picture. I couldn't recommend anyone with more professionalism or anyone that makes you feel as comfortable as Janet Lynn ! ~Vanessa (Hammond, IN)

My experience was very empowering in making me feel beautiful and sexy. I would tell women to do the photos more for them self, then for there men. ~Heather (Lansing, Illinois)

I had the best time and she was great. ~Christina (Highland, IN)

It it was a very comfortable atmosphere and I was very happy with my end
product. ~ Carolyn (Dyer, IN)

I was very comfortable, Janet is very laid back and makes you feel confident
and comfortable, nothing seemed awkward. she is very relaxed and makes you feel relaxed. The pictures turned out amazing! ~Julie (Merrillville, IN)

I had a blast, that I felt sexy and that I was really comfortable. The pictures came out amazing and Janet made me look like a model. Everyone that has seen them
has said they look amazing! I just want to say that I loved every part of the process, you were so awesome to work with and I had so much fun. Your pictures are amazing. I've said a few times that I might make this an "every 5 years" kind of thing, and I would love to work with you again. My husband loves the pictures. Thank you so much! ~ Megan (Crown Point, IN)

It was an awesome/unforgettable experience and every girl should try it! ~ Brook (Hobart, IN)

 It was blast! I felt very comfortable and no matter my imperfections Janet made me feel gorgeous and sexy! ~ Jodi (Rockville, IN)

Janet does a wonderful job . She photographs her clients in ways that always make them look their best and most sexy. I personally guarantee you will fall in love with your pictures. You'd never suspect how photogenic you are! I LOVED my session! I had such a great experience! I had never done anything like it before, and it was so fun and exciting! ~ Samantha (Elkhart, IN)