Have you ever had the taste of real freedom within yourself? | Indiana Boudoir Photographer


I recently had a client tell me: “I want to celebrate and love myself for who I *am*, not for what someone else wants or needs me to be.”


Whoa. Does that resonate with any of y’all? Where are my people pleasers at?! I should get a GOLD MEDAL in it. And it’s an easy pattern to fall into–to try your hardest to keep your body the way someone else enjoys it, to hustle for your dreams in the dark (as long as it doesn’t inconvenience anyone else!), to make yourself small as to not shine beyond anyone else, or maybe just to base your decisions on someone else’s opinions of how they think you should live… GIMME SOME PRAISE HANDS IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU RELATE!


I want you to know that you matter–that your feelings matter, that your desires matter, and that my greatest work lies in helping YOU love the way you are…FOR YOURSELF.

Cause here is the God’s honest truth: you don’t need to change one thing about yourself to be:

-confident AF
-sexy AF


Freedom. Have you ever had a taste of REAL freedom within yourself? I watch women free themselves from the chains that have held them back EVERY SINGLE DAY, and I want that for YOU.



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