by Janet Lynn

How Much of Myself Do I Share?

If you’re thinking of booking a boudoir photo session, you probably have a lot of questions. One of your biggest questions might be about how much skin you’ll want to bare in front of the camera. To me, this makes so much sense! As unique individuals, we all have varying degrees of comfort sharing our bodies with others. And as a boudoir photographer, I totally understand this!

Let me help you be yourself

A big part of my job as your boudoir photographer is to make photos for you that reflect this very personal decision of how much skin to share during our session. Some of my clients feel totally comfortable baring it all for their photos and other clients are much more modest. As far as I’m concerned, both ends of the spectrum (and everything in between!) is perfect. Because if there’s one thing that I can say without any hesitation about boudoir photography, it’s this: boudoir photos are all about you. You get to choose what feels right for you and how much skin you decide to bare is just one of those decisions. What to wear, how much make-up to apply, whether or not to tan, how to pose, how much of yourself you share with the camera are all decisions that are based on your personal preferences And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

There is no one size fits all

Having boudoir photos taken by a professional and reputable photographer isn’t a cookie-cutter experience. Each session I do is as unique as the clients I work with. And just as no two people are the same, no two sessions are the same. Part of what makes hiring an experienced boudoir photographer so important is that we know how to work with every type of person. Your job as a client is to tell me how much of yourself you want to share. My job as your photographer is to listen to your preferences. Really listening to you will make your session perfectly sexy, perfectly empowering and perfectly you.


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