How to Choose Boudoir Lingerie for a Photo Shoot

Are you preparing for your sexy and fun boudoir photoshoot? What are you going to wear? Deciding what to wear for your shoot is the hardest part. Sure, you’ve picked a fantastic photographer and a beautiful setting, but how are you going to adorn yourself so you feel as beautiful as you are? We’re here to give you some advice. Between choosing styles and colors, to picking shops for your boudoir lingerie shopping needs, we’ve got you covered.

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Gauge Your Own Comfort Level

When you’re posing for your boudoir photos, you want to feel sexy. You can’t feel sexy without feeling comfortable. You need to dress for your comfort level.

Boudoir photos come in all varieties. Some people prefer to remain more covered while others want to bare it all. There’s nothing wrong with either of these options as long as you’re feeling yourself!

Remember that you can always “take it off” when you get more comfortable in front of the camera. You may decide that you’re ready to show more skin as the photo shoot goes on.

Different lingerie styles flatter different body types and body parts. You can choose something that covers up your “problem areas” (if you perceive them as such) if that makes you feel more comfortable.

You can also have your photographer pose you in a way that makes you feel comfortable in the outfit that you’re in.

Ask the photographer about bringing multiple outfits. If you start your session in a sweater and your favorite pair of lacy underwear, there’s nothing wrong with changing it up and switching to a sweet bralette later on.

In short, your goal is to feel sexy. What are you usually wearing when you feel your hottest? There’s no reason that you have to deviate too much from that when you’re choosing an outfit for your sexy lingerie photoshoot.

Choosing Colors: What’s Best?

Your ideal lingerie color is up to you, but some colors photograph better than others, especially when it comes to boudoir photos.

Overall, many people prefer using traditionally “sexy” colors such as red, burgundy, and black. It’s easy to find sexy lingerie in these colors at all price points and in all styles, so you shouldn’t have any trouble when you’re shopping.

If you’re taking bridal or engagement boudoir photos, we recommend wearing white or champagne. You could also choose soft pink.

It’s helpful to choose a color that has good contrast against your skin tone. White and champagne for bridal shoots are exceptions, even if you have fair skin.

When you choose a color with more contrast, the lingerie will be more visible. If it blends into your skin too much, your sexy outfit won’t have an opportunity to shine.

When you’re choosing between solids and patterns, solids tend to be better for boudoir shoots. Patterns can be too distracting and they may take the focus off of you.

Aside from lace or a soft floral pattern, keep it simple.

Your “Theme” or Style

What “vibe” are you going for during your photoshoot? Do you want something soft or glamorous? What about racy?

Whether you’re into chains and leather or lace and fur, this is something that you’re going to want to keep in mind when you’re shopping. Edgy boudoir photography is going to look different than soft boudoir photography.

When in doubt, look at examples online either in boudoir photography portfolios or in other adult material. You should have no problem finding an abundance of ladies in their best lingerie for any theme that you can think of.

If you want something racy, black leather and PVC lingerie will be your best bet. Think of dark thigh-highs, corsets, and garters.

If you love the soft and delicate look, a robe with a fur trim will pair well with a soft lace teddy or babydoll piece.

If you’re not sure about your theme, just choose an “image” that you’d like to portray in your photos. Dress as the sexy person that you want to be.

Types of Lingerie

Are you aware of the many types of lingerie that you have to choose from?

When most people think of lingerie, they only think of bras and underwear. While bras and underwear are more than acceptable for a lingerie photoshoot (more on that later), you have plenty of other options that could suit you better.

Some lingerie types have more coverage than others. They may be more comfortable for people who feel less confident about certain parts of their bodies.

Here are just a few types of lingerie pieces that you should consider when you’re on your lingerie shopping spree.


Teddies, otherwise known as bodysuits, are fantastic lingerie pieces for your collection. Whether you use them for your photoshoot or not, they’re great for making you feel sexy even on days when you don’t feel like showing a lot of skin.

Teddies are bras and underwear in one. They sometimes have cutouts in the sides or back to show some extra skin, but they can still cover your belly if you don’t want to show it.

They look great as standalone pieces, but they also pair well with plenty of accessories. If you’re someone who prefers to hide your belly but show off your sexy legs, a teddy might be right for you.

Babydolls and Chemises

Babydolls and chemises are similar lingerie pieces, but they do have a few differences.

They’re both dress-style pieces that are tight around the breasts and then fan out over the belly. This is another great option for anyone who wants a bit of extra coverage.

Babydolls only go to the top of the thigh or higher. Chemises can hit the mid-thigh (or lower), making them better for someone who isn’t ready to show off. Remember, you can always bare a little more thigh during the photo shoot if you start to feel more comfortable.

Bra and Panty Sets

Looking for something more traditional? Bra and panty sets are great for photoshoots.

Get a matching set if you want photos that look great. You can choose high-waisted panties and a long-line top if you feel more comfortable with less skin showing, or stick with a tiny thong if you’re feeling daring.

Corsets and Bustiers

Many people think that corsets and bustiers are the same, but this isn’t true.

Corsets, if you buy “real” ones, constrict the waist with metal boning. They’re not comfortable, but they’re great for photos if you want a snatched waist. They work best with “racier” photo themes.

You can also get corsets with thin plastic boning. These won’t give you the same shape as a true corset, but you’ll still get a similar effect.

Bustiers don’t have boning most of the time. They’re similar to bodysuits in their shape, but they don’t have bottoms, so you’ll pair them with your favorite pair of sexy underwear.

Both of these lingerie types accentuate the breasts while minimizing the waist.


If you want to add some more bells and whistles to your outfit, no problem. There are plenty of saucy lingerie accessories that you can match with any set.

Garter belts and stockings are the most popular lingerie accessories. The garter belt goes around your waist and holds up your favorite thigh highs. Garter belts also make the waist look smaller if that’s what you’re going for.

Sheer or satin robes also make great additions to any boudoir photoshoot. You can start with the robe on to feel more comfortable, and then start letting it slide off of your sexy shoulders when you’re ready to show more skin.

Where to Buy

So where are you going to buy your fancy new lingerie? You have options beyond Victoria’s Secret.

For someone on a budget, we recommend a site like Yandy. There are affordable lingerie pieces in all varieties. Whether you want something racy, soft, or even a costume, there’s sure to be something there at an affordable price. They also have plenty of accessories.

Certain fast-fashion retailers, like H&M and Shein, also have plenty of lingerie pieces to choose from.

If you’re a curvy girl, Torrid is another great option. You don’t have to sacrifice sex appeal just because you have curves that other brands can’t handle.

Are you ready to spend some serious money on your lingerie? You deserve to feel sexy during your photo shoot, so don’t be afraid to splurge a bit. Agent Provocateur has more expensive pieces and sets, but they’re worth the extra cost.

Your Boudoir Lingerie Should Make You Feel Fabulous

Make sure that the boudoir lingerie that you choose makes you feel as sexy as you are. It’s important that you feel comfortable during your shoot! Start your lingerie shopping spree so you can find your perfect pieces.

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