by Janet Lynn

How to feel more comfortable in your own skin

Most common fears I hear from women about doing boudoir photo session

  1.       I don’t know what to wear. You do don’t have to spend a ton of money on clothing for your boudoir session. But it does give you a good excise to shop!  And most women love to shop, I know I do!  If you have questions about what to wear please let me know!  We will start out by discussing what parts of your body you like and which ones you do not like.  I will then provide you with a lingerie guide which details what types of lingerie are out there and which are best for your body type. You can get some really reasonably priced lingerie from amazon

2.    How will I know what poses to do? Please don’t worry about posing, that is my job.  With 11 years’ experience shooting boudoir, I have photographed every body type possible. Please trust  me. I will put you into flattering and natural poses so you look great.

3.   I don’t normally wear makeup- Don’t worry our licensed hair and makeup artists are skilled in giving you the type of look you desire. Whether it is an enhanced natural look or a totally   glammed -out look, we have you covered.

4.   I want to a boudoir session, but I cannot afford it. While I know that boudoir is a luxurious and expensive experience, I do think that every woman should have this experience once in                        their  lifetime. And as you know you get what you pay for sometimes. So when choosing your photographer please do not shop just on price. Find a photographer you are comfortable with                  and then save for the experience. Most photographers offer great payment plans.  When we find a great pair of shoes we love or a beautiful new outfit, or that amazing bucket list vacation,                 we usually find a way to get it. We scrimp and save, maybe give up dinning out so often or give up that daily Starbucks.  But in the end, we usually find a way.

As woman we can justify spending money on our kids or our significant other, but usually have a hard time justifying spend money on ourselves. Don’t be afraid to pamper yourself on occasion.

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