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here are a few of our northwest indiana Boudoir Photography studio clients


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                                 , Can I tell you something?  Advice from your Boudoir Photographer

Booking a boudoir experience is a *big deal*. Every single time one of you says "YES!" to yourself and this experience, I
am reminded of this. It is so BRAVE to step outside of that oh-so-safe comfort zone, to stand in front of a stranger/ photographer (with a camera--the same one you've spent your life trying to avoid!) to do this.
But ya know what? This experience is nothing like you are thinking. When most women think of contacting a boudoir photographer to get information about doing a session, they think of things like:

-'Sounds fun, maybe when I lose 10, 50, 100 lbs.'
-'Oh hell no, I'm not rolling around in my underwear for a perfect stranger--another woman no less!'
-'I don't even let my husband see me in the light! No way, not for me!'
-'I have no idea how to pose or be sexy. Pretty sure I don't have a sexy bone in my body.'
-'All of the other women in these images look fantastic, but I don't look like them. No WAY she could make my butt look good.’

Girl, I have heard it all in my Indiana studio!   I've heard it ALL and it's totally normal to feel like boudoir is a scary thing that would be impossible for you to enjoy or experience. BUT--99% of the fears that are holding you back are MISCONCEPTIONS. You don't need to change, you don't need to know how to pose for the images, and you ABSOLUTELY CAN pull off images just like this.

There is POWER in my posing/lighting knowledge, I have been a boudoir photographer for 12+ years --it's why I SPECIALIZE in this very specific, highly niché genre of Boudoir photography. Posing women is what I am FANTASTIC at (unlike painting, cooking, or twerking).

Around here, we celebrate the fact that we are imperfect just like you. We welcome your mess, and we will unpack ours too. No matter what part of this experience you are afraid of--you are totally ready for this experience right now, just as you are.

You can spend five minutes being TERRIFIED as you book your shoot, or spend the rest of your life kicking yourself that you didn't do it. What's it gonna be

I have been a boudoir photographer in Indiana for over 12 years and I have heard all the excuses!!!




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If you have ever been curious about what a Boudoir Session is like, now is your chance to take a peek inside our boudoir studio and watch our photographer photograph a real everyday client !

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How much do I have to pay when I book my Boudoir or Pinup Session? 
The full session retainer is due upon booking, to guarantee your date and time. Photos, Prints, Wall Art and &
albums are purchased seperately at your ordering appointment about 7 to 10 days after your session.

Where is your exactly is your Indiana Boudoir & Pinup photography studio located? 
My boudoir & pinup studio is located in beautiful Crown Point, Indiana.  I am about 45 minutes from downtown Chicago.  

Is hair and makeup included with my boudoir or pinup session? 
Absolutely, YES. Your hair and makeup will be done right here at the studio when your arrive for your scheduled session by one of our licensed hair and makeup artists.  Your hair and makeup services also come with lashes.

Do I have to wear lingerie?
No, you do not have to wear lingerie. Your options of what to wear endless. Some people bring in dresses, jean jackets ,leather jackets or their significant others clothing or work clothing. It’s all up to you and but be sure  you are 100% comfortable in what you are wearing, otherwise it will show in your final images. We can set up a call before your session and I can help you figure out outfits

Do you Photoshop my images, I have cellulite/stretch marks/acne. Can you get rid of that??
In most cases Yes, that is part of my retouching process. I edit your images for color balance, light and exposure. I also airbrush your skin for a flawless look. I want my clients to look like themselves, just a bit more polished. Because this experience is a way to help you learn to love your body just the way it currently is, I will not do any body altering. I use lighting and posing to define the way I want your body to look.  It is really important to me that my  to love themselves the way they are and embrace themselves for who they are.

I’m not sure what I want to order yet, can I decide when I see my photos? ?
Absolutely, about 7 to 10 days after your session you will return to the studio to view your images and decide what product you want to purchase. We offer flexible payment plans to make what you want to purchase more affordable. I do not release products until balance is paid in full.

What kind of products do you offer?
I offer a variety of different luxury options from Albums, heirloom glass box, folio boxes and digital images. No products are included with your session retainer, they must be purchased separately at your sales session, which occurs about 7 to 10 days after your session date.

Do you offer digital images?
Yes, you have the options of purchasing a digital collection only. They start at 10 images and go up from there. But I do encourage my clients to purchase a physical product as technology can be un reliable.

How many outfits should I bring to my session?
Your will be photographed in 6 outfits, but you should bring along at least 6 to 8 outfits if possible to use as backup options.  An outfit that does not fit properly is the quickest way to not love your images.

Do you have outfits I can borrow?
Yes, I do have a small client closet you can borrow from. Most of what I carry are bodysuits, because they look great on everyone.  I carry sizes from XS to 4XL.  If you choose to borrow from my closet please bring along a nude thong, to wear underneath. Also I do not guarantee that I will have something that will fit you. So please ask or make an appointment to try on outfits before your session date. 

Where should I buy my outfits from?
I have so many favorite places to get lingerie from, there is almost to many to list right here.  When you book your session with us you will receive a lingerie guide with a HUGE list of places to purchase from. Please don't worry, you do not have to spend a lot on lingerie for it to beautiful.

Do I have to share my photos online?
No, not unless you want to. All of the photos of the women you see online have signed a release that allows us to share their images. We take our clients privacy very seriously at our Indiana Boudoir Photography studio. Your privacy is our #1 priority

Do you have payment plans available?
Yes- To set up a payment plan, 30% down is due the day of your ordering session. The remainder can be paid over 6 to 12 months. We also offer pre-payment plans so that you can have your purchase paid in full prior to your session date. Ask us for details.

I’m worried about  Acne/cellulite/stretchmarks. Do you offer retouching?
Retouching is included with every session. I remove scars as requested, acne, blemishes, stretchmarks and cellulite in addition to bruises and other random marks you may have on the day of your session!

I don’t know how to pose. I’m not a model. Help!
This is by far the biggest concern for most my clients! Please don’t worry – as I’ve said before, I work with my clients through every pose during their session. Please understand that posing I ask you to do will NOT feel like just another afternoon of lounging around on your bed. I tell my clients that the poses will  feel  weird, and you could be sore the next day !  But the final product will feel amazing ! None of my clients are models, they are everyday women just like you.

What else should I know? 
I am a fully insured limited liability corporation. I have been in business for over 12 years now and have photographed almost 1000 women just like yourself. Photoshoots are available to women 19 years and older ( you may be asked for ID)

Will my boudoir photographer be Female? 
Yes, you will be working with a female boudoir photographer in our Northwest Indiana Boudoir Studio.  Your hair and makeup will also be female.

What happens during your boudoir session?
Girl, if I had a dollar for every time a client walked into our boudoir studio and blurted out, "I have NO IDEA how to be sexy, I don't think I have a sexy bone in my body!"...I would be a very, VERY rich woman. Believe me, none of the ladies whose images you have admired here on the website or in the private Facebook group have EVER walked in feeling confident in their "sexy face" or knowing how to pose.

You wanna know the beauty in all that? I just so happen to be an EXPERT in coaching sexy faces and gorgeous poses meant to flatter YOUR body.

It's ALL. I. DO. every. single. day. When you hire me and invest in the experience we are offering, you are signing up for us to HOLD YOUR HAND through this experience.

We start by getting to know you  over the phone.

This will give us a chance to get to know you better, understand the vision you have for your boudoir experience, answer any questions you might have, and plan out your dream session.

When you book your session we will supply you with a lingerie guide and preparation guide to make sure you are prepared when you arrive at the studio for your session

YOU • captured • beautifully

How our Boudoir Photography Experience Works


When you arrive  prepared to be pampered  by our in-house makeup artist. 


 Girl, if I had a dollar for every time a client walked into our boudoir studio and blurted out, "I have NO IDEA how to be sexy or how to pose , I don't think I have a sexy bone in my body!".. .I would be a very, VERY rich woman. Believe me, none of the ladies whose images you have admired here on the website or in the private Facebook group have EVER walked in feeling confident in their "sexy face" or knowing how to pose.

You wanna know the beauty in all that? I just so happen to be an EXPERT in coaching sexy faces and gorgeous poses meant to flatter YOUR body.

It's ALL. I. DO. every. single. day. When you hire me and invest in the experience we are offering, you are signing up for us to HOLD YOUR HAND through this experience.


Your reveal and ordering appointment will  happen about 7 to 10 days after your session date.  At this time you’ll get to look through your photos and order  the images that you love! 

You can either pay in full for your products or set up a payment plan.


No Distance is Too Far to Travel

For your boudoir Experience

Local or Beyond, i want to be your boudoir photographer

We photography women from Indiana, Downtown Chicago, all areas of Illinois , Michigan and Wisconsin.  

Fun! Comfortable Atmosphere! Professional!!! Those are only a few words that can describe my experience!!! I would and will do it all over again ...and again!!! Janet is AMAZING!! My session was a wedding gift for my husband and my husband loved the photos!!! I never thought i could look like that!! but Janet made it all happen!!! Thank you Janet!!


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From beautiful everyday women who have visited our Indiana Boudoir Photography Studio

I've had the opportunity to work with Janet on three different photo shoots over the years, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat! She is professional, respectful, witty, and a genius behind the camera. The first time I worked with her I was incredibly shy and reserved, and by the end of that session I couldn't remember what I was so nervous about. And, the photos...I couldn't believe it was me! She helped bring out a level of sex appeal I never imagined I had. The other two sessions were fun, and easy...and one thing I love is she listens to make your own vision a reality. And, if you go in without a plan, she is able to create a masterpiece under her direction. I highly recommend her talents to everyone. You will NOT be disappointed!


2 / 11

I booked a session partly for my husband, but mostly for me. I can't recommend Janet enough - she's immensely talented and did a great job making me feel at ease for my session. The results are absolutely gorgeous.


3 /11

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Janet. She was professional from start to finish. I felt informed and listened to throughout the entire process and she goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and happy. Lindsey did an incredible job making me look my very best. She gave me gorgeous curls and perfect makeup that accentuated my features. While shooting with Janet I felt comfortable and beautiful. She captured me in poses that were flattering and it was so much fun shooting with her. I laughed and danced and felt totally at ease the entire time. The hardest part was narrowing down the photos during my reveal. There were so many great ones that I had trouble deciding. Janet has great packages and payment plans so truly anyone can make this work for their budget. I can’t recommend the experience enough and I’m already saving so that I can do a pinup session.


4 / 11

Janet took excellent photos for me. I was very hesitant about this at first. Her glam lady Lindsay made me look gorgeous. I loved my make up and eye lashes. I had total say over what I had done as fast as hair and makeup. I had a morning boudoir shoot so I had great hair and make up all day. I was able to give as much or as little input as I wanted into my shoot. I had only a small list of some specific things I wanted and Janet filled in the rest. I felt very comfortable in her studio after taking with her and figuring out the process. It was easy and fun. It was a great confidence boost that wad desperately needed. I didn't see myself the same way afterward and I mean that in a positive way. I got so much more from this experience. She does pinup as well, which would be super cute to do in the future. I plan on trying pin up out too. I purchased a book for an anniversary gift for my husband, money well spent. It was time I invested a little in myself. I would definitely go with her again. Fantastic photography right here.


5 / 11

At first I was so nervous to be in front of her like that but when it actually happened I was so comfortable. She always made sure I was ok and felt comfortable. She also works with you, does payment plans and she’s very understanding. My hair, my make up and all was so perfect that day! I had no confidence when I went there until I was in the photo shoot and I definitely left with a lot of confidence. I’m absolutely in love with all my pictures and the work she did for me! I definitely would go back and refer her to everyone! She truly loves what she does and is so compassionate about it, she’s definitely the best!


6 / 11

I love my session with Janet!! She calmed my nerves from the start, and was very professional. I love my pictures and can't wait to do it again!!


7 / 11

Janet is the absolute best! I started out with a Pin Up shoot and she made me feel so comfortable, relaxed, confident, beautiful, ect, ect, that the moment I saw her post a model call for a boudoir shoot, I jumped on it! And I definitely do not regret it one bit. She makes it easy to pay for your pictures and any products you may want to add it's hard to say no! I'll definitely be returning in the future, and recommend her any time someone brings up getting pictures done!


8 / 11

She was great! She made me feel so comfortable and pretty and the photos turned out amazing. I have never done this before and am a very shy person. From the beginning she made me feel comfortable and walked me through the whole shoot. It was a great experience that i think every women should do at least once and should do with Janet Lynn Boudoir!!!


9 11

Janet has an amazing talent, is incredible patient, and fantastic at making you feel comfortable. I have done 3 sets of photos with Janet and have loved each and every experience


10 / 11

Janet is so sweet and professional! I was so nervous and she not only made me extremely comfortable but her make up/ hair guy, Alex Garcia was amazing and both of them made feel like a model!! I have told everyone about both of them!!


11 / 11

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