Is Boudoir Photography Safe?

Is Boudoir Photography Safe?

I know what is running through your mind, Is boudoir photography safe?  It is a great question to ask when you are considering booking a session.

Unlike other types of photography boudoir photography is private and very intimate. So it is very important you should choose a photographer you can trust. Boudoir photos force you to be vulnerable and if you don’t feel totally comfortable with the person taking your photos, you won’t get the best photos possible. You don’t want to look uncomfortable or awkward in your photos, so it’s super important to choose a photographer who can help you relax and look just as beautiful as you truly are.

Before booking a boudoir photographer, be sure to do your homework. Follow the tips listed below to ensure you have a safe and fun boudoir photo session:

Male or female photographer:

the choice is yours, no one is better than the other, but you have to book with the photographer you feel most comfortable with. A lot of people will not book with a male photographer, but I know so many incredible male photographers. But if you are more comfortable with a female, that is the way to go.

Check out their Website: 

If their photos aren’t good, they won’t be a good photographer. The pictures should make you feel like the sexiest person alive and give you some serious confidence boost! Also, be sure you like their lighting and editing style, and be sure you like how they pose their clients.

Be honest with your photographer:

If something that they are doing or saying is making you uncomfortable. A good photographer will design the session around your comfort zone.

Check out their reviews and ask around:

A good photographer will have hundreds of reviews spread around the internet. Reading Google reviews is a great place to check out a photographer. As you know what someone is unhappy about someone or something they will leave a review about it. And google reviews are right from the client’s mouth.

Talk to your photographer on the phone prior to booking:

it is really important to chat with your photographer on the phone before booking your session. You will get a good feeling about their personality and how they run their sessions. Also, a reputable photographer will allow you to come to the studio and check it before booking a session

Ask to bring a friend along:

I will be honest most photographers do not allow anyone else in the studio during a boudoir photography session, because it is distracting, so do not judge on this alone. At my studio, we do allow our clients to bring along a female friend with them.

Make sure you are working with a professional who is insured:

If they have insurance, it means that you are protected in case something goes wrong during the shoot. While nothing has ever happened in my studio, I have spoken with clients who have gone to other studios and have lights dropped on them.

And last but not least, use your gut!!!

If you pull up to the studio and feel uncomfortable, just leave. It is better to lose a deposit than put yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

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