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Let’s talk about your BUT. 👀

No, not your BUTT 🍑…your BUT.

Ya know…

“I really wanna do this BUT

“I really need this experience BUT

“I want to feel incredible BUT

“I need to shake things up and get out of my comfort zone BUT

You make the decision to wait.  To wait for a sign, a better financial situation, a person to “give them too”, the body you deem more worthy of this experience…you want it to be the ‘right time’ so you wait.

You also worry.  You worry your makeup won’t natural, you worry your lumps and bumps will show, you worry about the ‘mom guilt’ you feel spending $$ on yourself, you worry I won’t be able to pose you, you worry you’ll feel awkward…

And those worries/excuses? They aren’t going anywhere.  Even if you lost all the weight and won the lottery…you’d still worry/attempt to come up with “BUT”s.  My advice?  Embrace them.  Allow yourself to be human, and ‘lean in’ to everything about you that isn’t “perfect.”  It makes you you, boo.

And never forget, the possibilities of this shoot are as endless as you allow them to be.  I can create magic with any woman who is willing to let go….

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