Live Boudoir Shoot | Sexy Boudoir Photo Shoot

Live Boudoir Shoot | Sexy Boudoir Photo Shoot

A few months back I did a live boudoir photo shoot on Facebook.  Up until now it has only been shared in my VIP Facebook Group.  But now I am going to share it with you.  Please note that since it was a live feed the quality is not great, but it will give you an idea what what a shoot is like.  This is segment #1 (facebook kept cutting me off), I will be sharing segment 2 and 3 in upcoming days.

If you would like to be a part of our Ladies Only- Boudoir Tribe/VIP Group, please click this link :

In this group we share, outfit idea, makeup tips, specials and have fun contests for prizes.  This is a body positive, empowering group.  It is even filled with past clients that will answer any questions that only someone who has done it can already answer.


Have a look around the blog and make sure to contact me ASAP! Let’s get your session day on my calendar, and let’s create memories that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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