Media & the Unattainable Standard of Beauty they Present to us

Media & the Unattainable Standard of Beauty they Present to us

As women, we are expected to conform to the unattainable standard of beauty that the media throws into our faces each and every day!
Around every corner, there is a new miracle drug or diet that will melt the fat away, a new cream that will completely erase away our wrinkles. And the media spends millions of dollars to do their best to get women to believe that when all the fat has been melted away, and the wrinkles have been erased, we will be happier and our lives will be perfect.
Do you want to know why I know that the media is the problem? I know this because even the women who are the ideal size 4, have come into my studio saying they do not like their bodies and they are fat, or don’t like how their belly pushes out.
Do you want to know why your belly pushes out on even the smallest woman? It is because we have a uterus girl! Our stomach houses our digestive organs and reproductive organs. You will never experience a perfectly flat stomach for this reason. But because of photoshop, being irresponsibly being used in the media, they make us forget what a woman’s body really looks like!
Let me go on girl, the media also tells us that size 12 is plus size.
Speaking with as many women as I do I know that losing weight is not the magic bullet to being happy. Once they lost the weight many of them said it was not good enough and they wanted to lose more or that they had lost so much weight that now they had extra skin to deal with.
Losing weight is a Yo-Yo experience for most women, at least for me it is. I lose some, then I gain it back, I lose it again then I gain it back. That is because diets do not work, most of them are not sustainable for the rest of your life. Also being fat, I know your jaw just dropped cause I said fat. But I am here to tell you that FAT is not a bad word and fat is what you have, not what you are!
Also, weight is not an indicator of health, happiness or confidence! I know this because I have also had the privilege of working with some very large women who very confident, happy and healthy.
My mission is to show women that they are free to step outside of those standards that the media tell us we should conform to and it is ok to love yourself no matter how much you weigh.
Stop wishing, hoping, praying, and dieting yourself thin. Stop using exercise as punishment. Now I am not saying that you should give up on the quest for your goal, but do it because you want to be healthier, make changes to your lifestyle, don’t deprive yourself.
Let’s get back to those wrinkles- We can magically wipe them away with a cream, botox may help, but then we are injecting foreign substances into our bodies, that is so not for me.
Did you know what that our bodies are meant to change, grow, age and even break down? This is not a process we can stop or even slow down. So let’s embrace it, Ladies!
You have all committed to HATING YOURSELF THIN, and spending countless dollars on beauty products promised to help us age backward, but let me show you another way to live.
So many women think it is not okay to love who they are! But I am here to tell you it is okay to love yourself for exactly who you are. And it is no one’s business to tell you what or who you should be except you.
Now I bet you are wondering how I know this. Well, if you know me I am a very curvy voluptuous girl. I weigh in upwards of 250 pounds and wear a 3X. I have laugh lines and wrinkles under my eyes and grey hair!
Now as a child I was brutally bullied by horrible children. I spend most of my life with little to no self-confidence, because I was always told by my peers that I was not good enough.
When I turned 40 I sat down and took inventory of my life and discovered that I had the most amazing life, I had a business of my own, an amazing loving husband and beautiful healthy children. And all this happened while I was overweight. And I did not even realize it cause I was to busy worrying about how heavy I was and being unhappy.
Right then and there I made the decision to be happy with exactly who I was. And let me tell you, life got even better. I was so much happier and content. I knew I was not guaranteed a tomorrow, and I did not want to be standing judgment on my final day knowing that I waited to do all things I wanted to do just because the world told me that I was not good enough.
If you are ready to celebrate your body, no matter what size it is, we can help!


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