by Janet Lynn

Outfits for your Boudoir Session | Chicago & Northwest Indiana Boudoir

The wardrobe is one of the most important parts of your boudoir photoshoot. Choosing the right clothing can make or break your boudoir photo session.  The right wardrobe can hide those spots that you don’t like or it can show/ accentuate off the parts of your body that you love.  Believe it or not choosing the wrong items can make your body look out of proportion. All sets of images below are from Polyvore. To see what other clients have wore for their boudoir sessions, please visit our website. Below are some ideas of what to wear for your boudoir photo session.

Bra and panty sets are a popular choice of most women.  Most woman a have matching set or to two in the drawers.  The only time I do not recommend them is if you dislike your stomach area, have stretch marks or a lot of scaring.  If you decide on a bra and panty set, push yourself out of your comfort zone and try a sexy demi cup or a sheer bra.  But most of all make sure your bra and panties fit correctly.  No one cares what size the panties are, just cut out the size tag and move forward.  Also, be sure that your breast does not fall out of your cup when you are moving around.

Corsets and Bustiers

Are great options for most women.  Did you know what there is a difference between the 2 pieces?  A Corset will cinch you in the middle and make your waist appear smaller and a bustier has a built in bra that boosts up those breasts and make them appear bigger.  If you are on the heavier side a steel boned corset is the way to go.  I love corsets and bustiers with a halter strap of some kind.  The strap helps keep everything inside.  Again, be sure you fit in this correctly, you don’t want to fall out the top and the sides. These are a great option for those who want to hide their midsection. Please make sure you fit into this correctly, these items are not returnable to stores.

The Teddy

Is a very sexy garment that covers the torso and crotch area. These are similar to a one piece bathing suit. This type of garment is great for hiding some of your flaws, but it also really shows off your curves.

Baby Dolls

Baby dolls may seem like a great option for covering the areas that you may not want to show, but most of the time baby dolls add bulk to your body and make you appear larger than you are.

The slip

Back when I was younger a slip was worn under a dress or a skirt, but now a days slips are sexier and hug your body. A slip should fall just under or just above the butt. The shorter they are the longer your legs will look. They may also come with removable garters.


A leather jacket, sexy jeans, an off the shoulder sweater or a sheer t-shirt are all great options.  Bring along a piece or two of you significant others clothing is always sexy to.
Shoes- Don’t forget the shoes, the higher the heel the better!  Black and nude are always a great option, they match everything.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don’t feel sexy, confident and downright HOT, do not wear it. Also be sure anything you bring fits you correctly.

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