12 Reasons Why You Should Book a Boudoir Photo Shoot |Indiana Photographer

12 Reasons Why You Should Book a Boudoir Photo Shoot |Indiana Photographer

12 Reasons Why You Should Book a Boudoir or Pinup Photo Shoot.

1.   A New Bundle Of Joy 

Status changed, your now a mother. You’ve entered into a new phase in life, quite possibly bringing along some changes to your body as well. Embrace the changes, capture your new body in a beautiful light! Being a new mother can take its toll on our bodies mentally and physically, but with those changes comes beauty. Capture and embrace all that comes with motherhood.



2. Your Engaged, or as Beyoncé would say “he put a ring on it”. 

Want to thank that special someone in your life for popping the question? Give them a reason to say “she’s all mine forever!” Imagine a little bridal lingerie piece with that new sparkly ring in a sexy pose just for them , what better way to celebrate your new engagement. A little something for you and your special someone.



3. Embracing Our Body as we Age

It’s unavoidable the aging process right? So why not embrace your changes as you travel along the life journey. Capture the beauty in those gorgeous grey streaks, the memories that created those laugh lines. Remembering your beautiful and sexy at any age or stage in life.


4. It’s Your Anniversary

No matter if it’s been six months or years your anniversary is always one to celebrate with your loved one. Imagine their face when they are gifted with a book full of sexy, beautiful photos of you made just for them! Keeping that fire alive, keeping your relationship exciting.


5. You Just Got A Divorce

Maybe you’ve begun a new journey, one that has not been all that easy. After divorce you may need to see yourself in a different light, one that shows just how incredibly sexy and desirable you really are! A boudoir shoot can give you that confidence to start your new journey.


6. You’ve Transformed Your Body

So you’ve been working really hard, transforming your body and looking stunning. A boudoir shoot is now the perfect time to capture all those changes you’ve worked so hard making. Show the new sultry, sexy side that you’ve created.







7. Valentine’s Day

The universal day of love, everyone is always expecting some chocolate, flowers and maybe a stuffed animal right? How about this year we make it the best Valentine’s Day yet, give your valentine the gift of you! Show your special someone, or yourself for that matter just how sexy you are. It will be a Valentine’s that will never be forgotten.





8. Doing something just for YOU

Often times we get so caught up in our day to day lives we can over look doing something special just for ourselves. A little you time getting your hair and make-up done, having an amazing photoshoot, what better way to spend some time just on yourself.


9. Bringing Sexy Back into the Relationship

Every relationship can hit a point of feeling mundane, lack of excitement right? A boudoir shoot is the perfect way to spice things up, bring the fireworks back into the relationship!









10. It’s Your Birthday, or Your significant others

Has it been your best year yet? Girl every year is a great year, your sexy at every age and birthday! We don’t normally give ourselves a birthday gift, but this year you’re rocking it, taking some gorgeous photos and embracing another year of being fabulous.

It’s your lovers birthday, placing in front of them a book, wrapped in a red bow, sexy right? Now just wait till they open it and see the true sexiness that’s inside waiting just for them on their special day. The gift only you can give, for their eyes only.



11. Female Empowerment

Yes girl your a strong, independent woman! Own that gift of being a woman, embrace it and attack it. We, women are amazing, bold, and daring. A boudoir shoot can capture just that feeling of empowerment your seeking.


12. A Simple Reminder of Just how Beautiful you really are

Everyday we are changing, exploring ourselves, and rediscovering who we are. Honey your amazing that’s who you are, a boudoir session can be the perfect little reminder of just how amazing you really are and can be!

So ladies, it is time to embrace your femininity and do something for yourself ! I know it can be intimidating to think about doing a photo shoot, but I promise you you will have an incredible time and it is not as scary as you have made it out to be in your head.  I know that most times as women we walk around with a negative attitude about ourselves and our bodies. Having a session done will help confirm to yourself, just how beautiful you really are !
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