Plus size boudoir outfit ideas for large chests

Plus size boudoir outfit ideas for large chests

Selecting the best plus size boudoir outfit ideas for large chests can be overwhelming, being a plus size girl myself, I totally understand.

After photographing women for 12 years, I have seen every shape and size out there. If you are on the curvier side, don’t be afraid to show off the curves that God gave ya! Here are a few plus size boudoir outfit ideas. With these, you’ll look great during your session.

Body Suits

Bodysuits are my absolute favorite. They cover the areas that you don’t want to be seen and they nicely highlight the rest of your curves. Just because you are plus size, do not be afraid to choose something that is form-fitting.  Also, if you are larger chested, the bodysuit will keep those girls right where they need to be if you know what I mean!  You may also want to consider adding a bra underneath the bodysuit to keep them nice and perky. You can choose the same color or a corresponding color to add a layered look.

Corsets or bustiers

I have a love/hate relationship with corsets. I love them because if they fit correctly, they look completely amazing. But if they do not fit, they can ruin your photos. This is just my opinion, so take it for what it is worth, but if you are a busty babe, I would steer clear of corsets and chose a bustier instead. They fit similar to a corset, but they have bra cups and support to lift and hold onto your chest. Most of them also have straps or a halter of some type so that everything will stay inside.

No baby dolls

If you have a larger chest, do not, I recommend avoiding baby doll outfits. While they cover what you do not want to show, they add bulk to your body and that will make you look larger.

General advice

With any outfit that you choose, please look at it closely in the mirror and observe how things fit inside it. You do not want the sides of your armpits flowing out the top sides of your lingerie. Move around a lot and make sure that nothing falls out when you bend forward or lie down.Plus size boudoir outfit ideas

Plus size boudoir outfit ideas

Please keep in mind that during your session, I am very, very open and honest. If there’s a better outfit choice for you that will photograph better, I’ll let you know and help you pick a better option from my client closet! I have a variety of sizes and styles to serve as a backup.

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