Wardrobe Tips for Your Boudoir Photoshoot

Wardrobe Tips for Your Boudoir Photoshoot

Wondering what to wear for your Chicago boudoir photoshoot? Selecting boudoir photo outfits can be a bit intimidating, but these tips can help you decide what to wear for your boudoir photos!

Bring a variety of outfits

You want your final boudoir photo album to have a variety of outfits in it. Be sure not to bring along all the same styles or colors. Mix it up and have fun with it. Keep in mind that some poses are better with certain types of outfits so you’ll be glad to have a few different options.

Bring more outfits than you need

You do not want to get the photography studio only to find out that your outfit does not fit correctly. As your boudoir photographer, I’ll be sure to let you know if another outfit style might suit you better, resulting in the sexy images you want.

Don’t bring oversized clothing

Don’t bring oversized clothing, such as your significant other’s jersey or his work shirt, unless you are the same size! Oversized clothing adds bulk to your body. This also goes for baby doll lingerie. A lot of women like this style because it covers their midsection, but because they are usually made out of flowy material, they add bulk to your body. Consider wearing something more form-fitting so that we can accentuate your beautiful curves and not hide them.

Iron your clothes

Please make sure your boudoir outfits are wrinkle free by ironing them before you arrive.

Bring a pair of sexy high heels!

Be sure to bring along a pair of sexy high heels! Black are super sexy and nude colors make your legs look extra long. Heels also help with your posture and help you pop your butt out to get that sexy S curve everyone loves.

Test out your boudoir outfits ahead of time

If you are a busty babe, be sure that the outfit you chose properly fits your breasts and makes them look amazing.

If your breasts are really tiny, stay away from anything that has bra cups and avoid corsets. Lean towards body suits, bralettes and anything with a plunging or high neckline or with a halter top!

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