by Janet Lynn

See what a Boudoir Experience is really like | Boudoir & Pinup By Janet Lynn

So you have been tossing around the idea of having Boudoir Session done

You probably have lots of crazy ideas rolling around in your head about what session is really like. Most people think a boudoir session is a sensual experience and that they have to know how to pose and look sexy before they come. Well, that could not be further from the truth! Take a peek inside an actual client boudoir session in the video below!


Our boudoir sessions are not a sensual experience

Our sessions are actually really orchestrated,  you have bright lights flashing in your face and music playing in the background and me shouting directions at you!  And if you have ever met me, you know that I never shut up!  All of my boudoir clients tell me that my constant talking actually helps relax them.  Some of the directions you will be hearing over and over again are- Relax your mouth, relax your forehead, Boobies to the sky, arch that back, arch harder !!!

Boudoir Poses are not easy

Despite what you are thinking, boudoir poses are sometimes really difficult.  When I put you in some of the boudoir poses, you will be thinking, “girl what are you doing to me, this pose can’t look good!”  But please trust me, the pose looks great in camera.  After you leave our boudoir studio, you might even be a little sore and might need a bit of Advil.  I like to tell me, clients, if you do not hurt a bit the next day, you were probably were not arching hard enough.  All joking aside, posing is hard and you will be exhausted after you finish your boudoir experience!

You will get to see some of your Boudoir photos as I am photographing you

I love to show my clients a few photos as I am snapping them.  I want you know that you are beautiful even before I retouch your photos. All of my clients say, “that could not possibly be me, I don’t look like that !!!”  And my response is always the same ” Yes it is, I just clicked a button, and there is no editing done on you, damn, girl, I told you that you were beautiful!

I am always told by clients as they are  leaving our Studio,  “That was so much easier than I thought it would be!”

So, get your sexy butt in here so I can show you just how beautiful you are and prove to you that YOU have amazing pictures of yourself!

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