Strike a Pose! How to Choose the Perfect Photoshoot Lingerie

Strike a Pose! How to Choose the Perfect Photoshoot Lingerie

Are you thinking of getting lingerie for a boudoir shoot? If so, you may be wondering what the best photo shoot lingerie is.

Good lingerie is a crucial aspect of an erotic photo shoot. However, if you’re not the type of person who gets a lot of photo shoots, you won’t know what to wear.

Women may lose confidence in their mid-20s but become more confident as they age. We want to help you gain the confidence you need and find the lingerie for you. Finding the right lingerie is one way to help you find self-confidence.

Continue below to learn how to pick lingerie for a boudoir photo shoot. We also included some tips on how to do a successful lingerie boudoir shoot.

1. Choose a Figure-Fitting and Flattering Piece

Because 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies, many find it hard to choose good lingerie. Whenever you’re doing a lingerie photoshoot, you need to find an outfit that flatters your shape. Since everyone is different and has unique shapes and sizes, you need to find what works for you.

The good news is that lingerie comes in all styles and sizes too, including:

  • Babydolls
  • Chemises
  • Slips
  • Corsets
  • G-strings
  • Bodysuits
  • Camisoles
  • Thongs

Remember that the female body is beautiful and sensual. Your choice of lingerie should enhance your assets. These pieces can help you hide anything that makes you self-conscious.

For example, if you want to hide your tummy, you can get a corset belt or high-waist shapewear. If you wish for those flattering on all body types, a good pick is a bodysuit. They’re perfect if you want nothing too revealing, but want to show off your sexy curves.

Don’t forget to pick lingerie that suits your style and comfort, too. The fabric and materials used for the lingerie should express your style and be comfortable. You don’t want to wear anything so tight it squeezes you out of a good state of mind.

2. Try On Different Lingerie and Strike Your Poses

One of the best ways to prepare for a lingerie photo shoot is to try out your lingerie before the big day. Wear each piece and strike poses in front of a full-body mirror. Try poses where you sit, stand, and lie down.

Use a chair or a bed to find a pose that highlights your best assets. Use this opportunity to practice the fierce or fun faces you’ll make during the shoot. It’s better to know what you look like once you’re in front of the camera instead of a mirror.

This dress rehearsal and lingerie photo shoot practice are excellent for building your confidence. You’ll also start feeling excited about the big shoot. Plus, you never know what poses and ideas will pop up in your head until you pose for yourself.

3. Tell a Story With Your Lingerie

Do you want your boudoir erotic pinup photos to have a deep meaning? One way to do this is to be more meticulous in choosing lingerie. When you pick your photo shoot lingerie, try to find meaning in all its aspects.

Color and material are two main things that may carry meaning. For example, white and silky lingerie pieces can signify innocence and purity. A red lingerie set implies strong sensuality and sexual appeal.

The style of lingerie can also affect the story or meanings of your shoot. Lingerie costumes signify being bolder. You can also add sexy hosiery for a taste of retro and class.

Your lingerie plays a big part in the shoot, but your facial expression and poses do, too. As a tip, think about what your pose and props may mean, as well.

Of course, you don’t need to mind what certain things mean if you only want to have some fun and feel sexy.

4. Wear Your Lingerie With Confidence

Confidence is the most important thing about a boudoir lingerie shoot. It trumps your lingerie, pose, and the photographer’s skills. You can have the best of them, but a lack of self-confidence can still echo through the photos despite them.

To build your confidence, you need to be in a good state of mind. On the day of the shoot, you should be in a stable mental and emotional state. Avoid stressors and other things that cause negative emotions.

Remember, an erotic boudoir photo shoot helps challenge misleading molds about body appearance. It’s also a positive experience that you can have with your body.

Don’t forget to take the other steps to enhance your self-image, like:

  • Exploring your body’s strengths and limitations
  • Accepting and loving who you are
  • Being comfortable with your body
  • Confront thinking distortions on your body

Don’t worry about what viewers of the photos may think. Remember that this is for you to feel good and to feel sexy. Plus, you don’t have to share it with strangers if you don’t want to.

5. Don’t Forget Your Hair, Makeup, and Nails

We’re not stopping you from going bare-faced to enhance the lingerie for boudoir photos. However, if you feel more beautiful with makeup on then go for it. Get a good makeup artist or DIY your look.

A few days before your shoot, head to the nail salon and get your nails done. It may seem like your nails won’t be noticeable in the photos, but striking nail polish will. Red nails can add more sensuality to your photos, while black adds a touch of mystery.

Plus, treating yourself to a salon and nail spa day can help get you excited about the shoot.

As for your hair, try to go for more volume. Pushing your hair upwards creates volumes that will look flattering and sexy.

6. Glamorize When You Accessorize Your Photo Shoot Lingerie

Most boudoir shoots don’t feature too many props or accessories. However, as we’ve mentioned, every woman is different and has unique tastes. If your boudoir style includes stacks of bangles or anklets, go for it.

If you want something that looks more sensual, add a garter belt. It will draw attention to your legs and highlight your hips. A thick, black collar can also add a bit of mystery and a “rebel girl” vibe to your look.

Fine jewelry makes excellent boudoir accessories, too. Consider wearing a fragile chain with a pendant that matches your earrings. Wear your engagement ring in the photos if you’re doing the boudoir shoot as your wedding gift to your partner.

Do you want to know what boudoir means and where its limits lie? Learn more about boudoir here.

7. Tips to Help You Find the Best Poses

When you’re posing, try to keep your shoulders back and your chin up. Doing this can help highlight and create a flattering jawline. Also, try to keep your body turned to the side a little to look slimmer in the photos.

If your arm is against your body, you’ll be flattening it out more, which is unappealing. Try to hold your arm out a bit while still keeping it resting against you. Better yet, try to find a pose wherein your arms won’t go against your body.

No matter how you’re posing, try to keep one leg in front of the other. This post enhances your curves and waist. It also creates a flattering silhouette and makes your legs look longer.

A classical boudoir pose is to place your hands on your hips and tilt your head back. You can also close your eyes to appear that you’re lost in the moment. This pose emits confidence, elongates your arms, and emphasizes your curves.

8. Tips for Successful Erotic Boudoir Photography

You’re almost ready for a boudoir shoot. Are you thinking about upping the ante and making it an erotica boudoir shoot? Here are some tips to help you make your boudoir shoot a little more erotic and intimate.

Hire the Right Photographer

Most boudoir photographers can catch the erotic nature of boudoir erotica. The question is how do you choose a boudoir photographer that can coax the erotica model out of you? The key is to look for someone with whom you’re comfortable.

Try Going Nude

One of the best reasons to get a boudoir lingerie shoot is to try something new. Not everyone gets to feel like a sexy lingerie or erotica model. However, did you know that you can also go nude for your photo shoot?

It’s one way to increase the erotic factor of your images. If you’re not comfortable going nude, you can also wear a G-string and pasties. You can also “cover up” with props and creative blocking.

Take Care of Your Body

If there’s a time to exfoliate, cleanse your skin, and moisturize, it’s a few days before your shoot. Go to the spa, eat healthy foods, and start exercising a few months before your shoot. It’s how you ensure that you’re in your best form in time for the lingerie photo shoot.

Remember that these photos can last a lifetime. If you want to look good in them, practice working hard and discipline for a few months.

Get the Most Out of Your Lingerie Boudoir Shoot

Now, you know how to find the best photo shoot lingerie for your lingerie boudoir shoot.

Are you ready to plan your regular or erotic boudoir shoot? Let’s immortalize your beauty, confidence, and strength with Chicago boudoir photography. Reach us through our contact page and book a session with us now.


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