The Cost of Boudoir Photography: Understanding the Value

The Cost of Boudoir Photography: Understanding the Value

Boudoir photography is a specialized type of photography that captures intimate and sensual images of a person. Boudoir photography is one of the most intimate experiences you can have with a stranger, with the exception of that yearly pap smear. I ask you this question, would you search around or ask your friends for a referral to the cheapest OBGYN they know?  I personally would not put myself in stirrups, butt naked with my girl parts hanging out being poked and prodded by the cheapest doctor I could find!

While some may wonder why the cost of boudoir photography is so high, there are several factors that contribute to the price tag. In this article, we’ll explore the expenses involved in boudoir photography and explain why the cost is justified.


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What factors contribute to the cost of boudoir photography?

There are several factors that contribute to the cost of boudoir photography. First and foremost, boudoir photography is a specialized type of photography that requires a high level of skill and expertise. Boudoir photographers must have a deep understanding of lighting, posing, and composition in order to create beautiful and flattering images. Additionally, boudoir photography often involves the use of expensive equipment, such as high-end cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment. Finally, boudoir photographers must also factor in the cost of studio space, props, and other materials needed to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for their clients. All of these factors contribute to the overall cost of boudoir photography, but they also ensure that clients receive a high-quality and personalized experience.


How much is an extra boost of confidence and self-esteem worth to you?

But why is Photographer A down the street, cost so much less than you?  Oh, oh, oh, this is an excellent question.  Photographer A may not be running a legal business. Running a legal business is a very expensive endeavor. For example, below is a list of expenses my studio must pay on a monthly basis before making a dime.

  • Liability Insurance- in case you get hurt during your session.
  • Camera and equipment insurance
  • Taxes (Uncle Sam takes 35% of what you pay me)
  • Printing and album design
  • Editing Costs
  • Marketing costs.
  • Well paid employees
  • Professional association memberships
  • Office admin costs
  • Website costs
  • Top of the line Software and computers
  • Phone, internet and electricity
  • Luxury sets props and linens
  • Laundry services for bedding and clothing
  • Expos and fair
  • Professional education
  • Back up devices, and extra backup devices and cloud storage to keep your images safe.
  • Our studio has a client closet that is worth over 10K!

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Why is boudoir photography worth the investment?

Boudoir photography is worth the investment because it provides a unique and empowering experience for clients. It allows individuals to celebrate their bodies and feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Additionally, the high level of skill and expertise required by boudoir photographers ensures that clients receive stunning and personalized images that they can cherish for a lifetime. While the cost of boudoir photography may seem steep at first glance, it is important to remember that the value and benefits of the experience far outweigh the price tag. Please be sure to check out our 5 star google reviews and hear what all our clients are saying about our studio!

Here is a list of some of the things that go into making the beautiful images that you see coming out of my studio. And the reason my studio has all 5-star reviews.

  • Phone consultation
  • Pre-Session emails to make sure you are 100% prepared for your session
  • Cleaning & sanitizing the studio and linens that you will be using
  • The photoshoot, hair and makeup, and the viewing and ordering session.
  • Editing your images to make them magazine quality.
  • Album design, album edits, and product ordering your products.
  • Delivery of Products
Also, be sure to join our private ladies only Facebook Group and get to know me (Janet Kaufman), your photographer and chat one on one with past clients who love our services. There are over 4000 like minded women in our group!
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How can you find a reputable and affordable boudoir photographer?

Finding a reputable and affordable boudoir photographer can be a challenge, but it is possible with some research and careful consideration. Start by looking for photographers who specialize in boudoir photography and have a portfolio that aligns with your personal style and preferences.

Choose a photographer based on their knowledge and experience, and one that has the portfolio to back it up.  If they say they are an expert in all body shapes and sizes, their portfolio should reflect that. All of the women you see on my website are REAL women–and they all had insecurities/fears just like you do. My expertise really shines in dynamite posing/lighting/coaching of expressions (this is why you can’t hire just ANYONE to shoot this).

Read reviews and ask for referrals from friends or online communities. When it comes to affordability, consider photographers who offer packages or payment plans, and be sure to ask about any hidden fees or additional costs. Remember, investing in a quality boudoir photographer is worth it for the unique and empowering experience and stunning images you will receive.


















Have a look around the blog and make sure to contact me ASAP! Let’s get your session day on my calendar, and let’s create memories that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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