Things to do before your boudoir photo shoot

Things to do before your boudoir photo shoot


  1.   Avoid foods that make you bloated – bread, pasta, starchy food like potatoes is especially bad


  1.   Drink lots of water, carry it with you everywhere you go, and keep sipping. It will keep away the bloats and keep your skin beautiful!


  1.   Exfoliate your skin the morning of the shoot and MOISTURIZE like crazy for the week prior to your shoot.


  1.   Fingernails and toenails should be tidied up and looking clean. You don’t necessarily need to get mani/pedi but make sure everything is filed and old polish is taken off. No polish is better than chipped polish. This is easy to overlook! Also be sure all the dead whitish skin is gone.


  1.   Avoid dry lips by putting Chapstick or moisturizing lip balm on your lips before bed and the morning of your shoot.


  1.   Don’t do the spray on tan, it looks orange in photos and it looks streaky 90% of the time and can stain your clothing. This can’t be fixed in Photoshop ! I personally dislike a tan of any type. I love natural un-tanned skin.  Tan skin of ANY KIND has the possibility of looking orange or red !  Do not come if you are sunburned. Please reschedule your shoot!


  1.   If you have facial hair, I recommend having it waxed 2-3 days before the shoot. Peach fuzz will show up on your skin, especially in close up shots of your face.


  1.   Get rid of body hair if you do not want to see it in your photos, ESPECIALLY on your face. If you plan to shave your bikini line, pick up a product called Tend Skin to get rid of razor bumps. The general rule is, the more skin you want to show, the more hair that needs to be removed.


  1.   Wear loose comfortable clothing to the shoot; clothes that bind will leave marks. Lulu style pants and a tank with a hoodie is great. Put these on as early as you can because red marks can take hours to disappear.   If you can go without a bra and underwear that is ideal, just remember to bring something to wear after the shoot!


  1. Bring outfits you feel good in and fit you properly. Nobody cares if the underwear are a small or large…if it’s too small, it shows!  Pinched and reddened skin is impossible to edit ! So cut the tag out and forget about it.


  1. Practice being naked or wearing little clothing – comfort with our body takes practice. Get familiar with your body, paying particular attention to the parts you love. Walk around your home naked or partially clothed. Appreciate and admire your body from all angles. Focus on the good stuff. I know this sound weird, but it will help make you more comfortable being partially clothed during your shoot.


  1. Arrive on time- Arriving late makes the shoot rushed and stressful


  1. Show up to have fun- Our number one goal is to have fun. So put all other agendas on the back burner.


  1. Leave the rest to me- once you are on set, it’s my job to make you look good. Just have a good time and don’t worry about how you look.


  1. Touch up your roots and any grey hairs if they bother you.  If you request them to be touched up in Photoshop there will be an additional charge for this service.


  1. If you choose to not wear shoes during the photo shoot, please make sure your feet are clean.


  1. If you are wearing thigh highs, please make sure they fit properly. If they pinch or roll it will show in your photos. I cannot fix this ! The best thigh highs are the old fashion pinup kind, the one that need a garter best to be held up.


  1. Please make sure your clothing fits appropriately. If it is to tight and you are falling out of it, I don’ suggest wearing it.  Also most lingerie is non-returnable, so you are kind of stuck with it.


Have a look around the blog and make sure to contact me ASAP! Let’s get your session day on my calendar, and let’s create memories that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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