Too Sexy For Social Media?

Too Sexy For Social Media?

One of the best parts about having professional photos taken is sharing them with friends and family. You and your family in your fancy clothes, a beautiful location, some gorgeous light and a talented photographer: it all adds up to photos you want to share on Facebook or send to friends and family. We photographers also love to share the work we’re proudest of on social media. It’s exciting to share our clients’ beautiful faces with the wider world. And it helps potential clients see what kind of photos they would get if they were to hire us. Wins all around, right?

But what about boudoir photos?

Obviously boudoir photography is different! So many of the photos I deliver to my clients from their boudoir sessions just aren’t appropriate for your regular Facebook or Instagram feed. And if you book a boudoir session with me, you’re probably not planning on sharing them with all your friends and followers on social media. And I totally get that. Choosing to invest in a boudoir photography session is not about getting some lovely photos for your social media feed or for your holiday card, it’s about getting a set of photos that are mostly for you (and maybe for your partner, too). You probably won’t share your intimate photos with everyone you know and neither will I.

Your privacy matters!

One of the many things I discuss with my clients before our session is my privacy policy. Yes, I like to share photos of my clients on my social media feeds and on my website. (My clients are beautiful and amazing and I want the world to see that!) But making sure you’re comfortable with me sharing your photos is essential in my decision to do so.

Before our session I’ll make sure to talk with you about how comfortable you feel about me sharing your photos online. Are there some photos you’d be ok with me sharing? Because, of course, I want to show everyone how confidently sexy you really are. But more importantly, I want you to know that I only share the photos that you’ve given me permission to share. Some people feel comfortable sharing more of themselves online and others people are more hesitant. Not only is that ok, it’s great–our differences are what make us amazing!

So you can rest assured that I will never share more than you want me to on my social media channels. But if you’re feeling daring and want to share your own photos? I say, go for it, girl!


Have a look around the blog and make sure to contact me ASAP! Let’s get your session day on my calendar, and let’s create memories that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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