Top 6 excuses for not doing a boudoir photo session| Chicago Boudoir Photography

Top 6 excuses for not doing a boudoir photo session| Chicago Boudoir Photography

I want to lose, 10, 20, 30 or 40 pounds first

I am sure this is something every woman in the world has said to themselves a time or two in their lives.  I know I have !  There is gonna be something that we as woman don’t like about ourselves, or something we want to change.  This is completely normal, but we should not let the things we want to change hold us back from something that we really want to do.  It is my job as your professional photographer to pose and light you in a way that you will look amazing whatever size you may be. I have been photographing woman since 2007 and have photographed woman who were a size 0 up to a size 30. Size has never scared me. My boudoir portfolio showcases woman of all different sizes and shapes.  I am not saying that it is not important to want to lose weight to be healthy, but it is my goal to get woman to love themselves for who they are right now, at this very moment ! Cause who wants to spend their lives not liking who they are, and hoping that next week they will look alittle better.  Because lets face it, tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us, and we should live everyday to the fullest.

I don’t have anything to wear to a boudoir photo session

That’s totally ok ! You do not have to spend a lot of money on wardrobe to have a boudoir photo session.  Something as simple as a white sheet (which we provide at our studio), is very sexy. A white sheet provides the illusion of nudity and the rest is left to the imagination.  The whole focal point of the shoot should be YOU not what you are wearing. Keep it simple, just grab everyday clothing items from your home that make you feel sexy when you wear them.

I am a mom, I don’t have time to do anything for myself

Let me be the first to tell you that you should always make time for yourself. Especially if is something that is going to make you feel amazing.  I am a mom, I get it, our entire lives revolve around our children. And let me tell you, it does not get any better when they get a bit older.  I have 14 and 15 year old boys, my oldest runs cross country and track and he conditions all year round, even if the temperature drops below zero. He has practice every day after school, then after that he goes to personal train an additional 2 days a week. Then sometimes, he has team building activities he has to attend during the week. Throughout the year (granted they are spread out) my 14 year old is in boy scouts, drama, green club, mind craft club, parkour classes and cross fit class.  Gosh I am just exhausted thinking about driving these to boys to and from all of their various activities.  I actually had a neighbor ask me once if I was an Uber driver cause I left so much.  One day this summer, I counted how many times I came and left my house in one day and it was 12 !!!  Regardless of your kids are newborn or 15 or any stage in between, we as moms need a break for ourselves to catch or breath  and take care of us.  Cause we can’t be effective as moms if we don’t do anything for us.  We love your kids more than anything in this world, but we are more than moms . Have a boudoir photoshoot and get your hair and makeup done, then you can look back at your album on those really hard days, when you are covered in spit up or have been up all night with a sick kid and think ” gosh I had fun today, I clean up really nice, I am SEXY !

I don’t have a reason to do it, I am not in a relationship

I believe that this is a great reason to do a sexy boudoir shoot, DO IT FOR YOU !!! Most woman who come to me come under the premise of doing it for their significant other, but after they finish their session and pick up their images they admit to me that they really did it for themselves. Yes it is a turn on for their significant other, but the things that these woman got from spending a few hours with me and my hair and makeup artist is so much more ! They learned to love themselves, gained lot of confidence and left feeling incredibly empowered !  I always ask a woman before a session why are we doing this session today? And my favorite answer is for ME !!!

I don’t look like the women on your site, the camera does not like me

We all watch TV and wonder how those woman wake up looking that beautiful every and and wonder why you wake up looking like a troll !  Those woman on TV and the woman on my site don’t wak eup looking that way.  They all spent time a getting their hair and makeup done before they had their pictures taken. None of the woman got out of bed and just had their photo taken.  My hair and makeup team are amazing at making you look like yourself , but just a little more glamorous. They know how to bring out your best features. Simply adding a set of false eyelashes can completely change how you look. “But they don’t have stretch marks and wrinkles, I do” – yes they do, they do, I saw them !  But the beauty of photoshop is I can make those go away or at least diminish them. Every woman who comes into the studio gets a skin smoothing done to even out their completion and get rid of some imperfections. But I try not to over do the retouching, I am a firm believer that each scar and wrinkle is part of our lives story. Each C-section scar and stretch mark tells the world that we are moms, each laugh line says that we laughed and enjoyed our lives.  If you want heavier retouching, you have to ask for it.  I would be happy to comply.

I really want to do it, but I can not afford it

I get it, I really do. I can’t tell you how much money I have put out this year for my kids activities and all of the dental problems I have had this year (if you have been following that saga).  But for most things in life women will always find a way to get the things we want. Maybe we skip the Starbucks line for a month so that we can enroll our daughter in gymnastics. But when it comes to things for ourselves, we always find an excuse or a reason not to do it, something else is always more important.  Did you know that we have payment plans to make this luxury experience more affordable? We have great no interest payment plans !  I have even had one woman, who has been to my twice come to my house once a week and drop off the cash that she scrimped and saved from the grocery money so her husband would not see the money come out of the account and ruin her surprise for him.  This went on for months until her balance was paid in full. There is always a way. Especially for something that is going to give you so much back in return.  My sons personal training is very expensive and I did not want it to deal with paying another bill each month, so anytime we had extra money I put it in an envelope and when I had enough we did the personal training.  Yes I know it is a frivolous expense for my 15 year old son and it is not necessary and he will not become a professional athlete, but he loves it, and it is giving him the confidence and the ability to excel in the sport he loves so much. Also confidence and the drive he has is going to take him far in his life and career.  Shouldn’t you have the same confident and empowered feeling ?





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