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What should you wear for your Boudoir Session if you have large chest

Have a larger chest, don’t worry girl, I have seen it all !  After photographing woman for 11 years I have seen every shape and size out there.  And if you are on the curvier side don’t  be afraid to show off the curves that you were given !!!  Here are a few outfit options so that you will look great during your session.

    1. Body suits are my absolute favorite to photograph women in. The cover the areas that you don’t want to be seen and they highlight  the rest of your curves. Also if all the areas that you don’t like are covered, you will feel so much more comfortable.  Also if you are larger chested, the body suit will keep those girls right where they need to be. You may also want to consider adding a bra underneath it to keep them nice and perky.
    2. Corsets or bustiers – I have a love hate relationship with corsets, I love them cause if they fit correctly they look amazing. But if they do not fit, they can ruin your photos. This is just my opinion, so take it for what it is worth, but if you are a busty babe, I would steer clear of corsets and chose a bustier instead. They fit similar to a corset, but they have bra cups and support to lift and hold on to your chest. Most of them also have straps or a halter of some type so that everything will stay inside.  Back to corsets really quickly, yes, they pull you in at the waist, but if you have curves what you pull in at the waist line has to go somewhere, it is either going to go out the top or out the  bottom.
    3. If you have a larger chest, do not, I repeat do not choose a baby doll type of outfit !  While they cover what you do not want to show, they add bulk to your body. They are going to cover your breasts, but your larger breasts are going to make it flair out at the bottom. And that will make you look larger.
    4. Any outfit that you choose, please look at it closely in the mirror and observe how things fit inside it. You do not want the sides of your armpits flowing out the top sides of your lingerie. Also move around a lot and make sure nothing falls out when you bend forward or lay down.

I hope these tips helped. During your session I am very, very open and honest with my clients. I will let you know if your outfit choice does not look great on you or if it will not photograph well. I do not want you looking back upon your photos and be disappointed.  I have a client closet here in the studio with a wide variety of sizes as backup if you need it.

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