by Janet Lynn

Whats the difference between boudoir & pinup

What is pin up photography

Pin up photographySo you want to do a photo shoot, but you’re asking yourself, “What’s the difference between pin up photography and boudoir?” 


Pin up photography and boudoir photos will both give you confidence, showcase your stunning beauty and give you time to focus solely on you. Both will help you fall in love with yourself all over again, and see yourself in a light you didn’t know was imaginable.


Boudoir portraits are usually more provocative in nature, kept more private between yourself or with your partner. Boudoir allows you to show your sultry, sexy side, showcasing intimacy. With boudoir photos, you can show a more bold and modern version of yourself, adding in sophisticated and fancy lingerie, and jewelry to accessorize. You’ll find flowing Victoria Secret soft curls, beach waves, or straight sexy hair. Since this form of photography is focused solely on you, you won’t usually see or use props while shooting. As for the typical boudoir photo shoot location, it is usually shot in an intimate bedroom atmosphere. Boudoir can seem a bit intimidating, but from the moment you step into the studio, everything is tailored to your own comfort level. Pin up photography shoot


Pin up photography is meant to be fun and playful. The pin up style dates back to the 1900’s. A pin up model is a model whose mass-produced pictures see wide appeal as popular culture. Pin ups are intended for informal display, they are meant to be “pinned up” on walls and be admired. Pin up girls were first documented back in the 1890’s. In 1917, during World war 1, pin ups were used in propaganda messages. In the 1920’s, when women’s partners were away at war, women had tasted freedom, and held on to that tightly. During this age of jazz, shortened hems, spiked illegal alcohol and bobbed hair became popular. Pin up artists like Rolf Armstrong responded to the current trend and dressed his models more scantily as well.

During World war II, pinup girls became more popular and were once again used by the US government, but this time it was to boost the morale of the service men at war. The pin up photography was meant to show the armed forces that the girls waiting for them were worth fighting for. These photos were found inside barracks, hung up in submarines and tucked into soldiers’ pockets. During the 1950’s pin ups were not only used in war propaganda but had moved into everyday advertising.

Many people believe that the early pin up genre encourages women to fit within the constraints of perceived glamour, but today’s modern pinup genre has evolved to be a safe place in which woman can express and embrace their individuality. Pinups are no longer just for the sake of giving them to a loved one, many women do the photo session just for themselves.

How we relate to our visual identity can play a role in our happiness and mental health. Seeing ourselves through someone else’s eyes can change how we feel about ourselves.

Pin up photographyWHAT IS PIN UP PHOTOGRAPHY? 

Pin up photography can be risqué, but you won’t ever find it explicit. With vintage hair and makeup, and a flirtatious attitude, you will find yourself laughing and enjoying the pin up photoshoot. The atmosphere you will walk into will be of a more lively, playful one, with lots of props to set the scene. You’ll find yourself with rosy cheeks, bouncy curls, and curves for miles. Doing a pin up photography shoot allows you to embrace the playfulness of the years past. Pin ups are bold, sexy, and yes even a bit cheesy at times. Which is why they often can be referred as cheesecake portraits. Pin ups know they are who they are! A pin up is an independent, unapologetic, classy lady!


Not sure what to wear? Not a problem! We offer a client closet for both boudoir and pin up photography!

Often times you will find a pin up dressed in playful swimsuits, swing and wiggle dresses, pin skirts, rolled jeans, bandanas, and wife beater t-shirts.

Take a minute and imagine yourself walking into the studio, into another era, Betty Page, or Devil Doll playing in the background. Being transformed into the vintage girl of your dreams. Cat eye makeup, red lips, Victory rolls with flowers adorning them. Sounds magical, doesn’t it? You can find yourself being the next Marilyn Monroe, Betty Page, or Rosie the Riveter.


As for posing, we will gladly walk you through every step of the way.

With either pin up photography or boudoir, you can’t go wrong. It’s a perfect anniversary gift idea for the your significant other. It’s just what best suits your personality! You’ll leave any pin up photo shoot with confidence, and feeling like a new woman. 

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