What’s an Erotic Photo Shoot? How Is It Different From Boudoir Shoot?

What’s an Erotic Photo Shoot? How Is It Different From Boudoir Shoot?

Did you know that there are more than 120,000 photographers in the US? Borne out of these thousands of photographers are also the countless photography styles. Boudoir and Erotic photography are only a few of the styles thriving right now.

Erotic photography captures provocative images. Usually, the models are nude and have little to no clothes.

Boudoir photography is a form of portrait photography that is more intimate. One of its aims is to empower women by encouraging self-love and acceptance.

Wanting to get an erotic photo shoot done but unsure of what kind? Learn more about the differences between a boudoir and an erotic photo shoot.

1. Key Elements

Erotic photography is an art form that explores the sensual side of women. It is where fantasy becomes a reality through artistic expression. This type of photography is often suggestive or provocative.

Female nudity is one of the elements, which includes some breast exposure. The curve of a woman is also a highlight in the session. This photography method is possible through the use of different lighting techniques.

These photo shoots are often for commercial use. It is usual to mass-produce erotic photographs. Items such as calendars, magazines, and pinups use the images from erotic photo shoots.

Meanwhile, boudoir photography is all about capturing romantic moments. Women get photographed wearing sexy clothes to celebrate and express their sexuality. The subject is in a bedroom set to capture the candidness.

Boudoir photo shoots capture the beauty of daily activities. The photo shoot encourages women to feel more confident about their bodies. Photos from boudoir shoots allow women to own and express their beauty.

In the past, women give their boudoir photographs to their partners as gifts. This exchange was popular during the time of military deployment. Most of these erotic images are for the subject’s partner only.

Doing an erotic boudoir photo shoot can be a surprise gift by a bride to their future husband. During these times, women prepare for the wedding by doing a boudoir photo shoot.

The goal of boudoir and erotic photography is to capture a woman’s beauty. Its main purpose is to celebrate women’s bodies and sexuality.

2. Clothing

For most photo shoots, wardrobe and styling are of the highest importance. Fashion or clothing give context about what is happening in the picture. The colors of the clothing invoke a mood that describes the photograph.

Clothing is optional in erotic boudoir photography. Usually, the subject wears little to no clothing.

Being nude in an erotic photo shoot is not required. There are times when it’s best to leave something for the imagination. Form-fitting and short dresses are best for an erotic photo shoot as it is sexy and classy.

When it comes to shoes, high heels or boots are good choices. Models or clients can go with a no-shoe look as well. The type of undergarment is also a big part of styling the model or client in the photo shoot.

Lacy and cute undergarments are popular with a lot of women. These undergarments give a fresh take on what society says is the standard for sexiness.

Fishnets are a great way to elevate the look, making it sexier. You can also make the erotic photo shoot spicier with props and accessories.

The list of props includes toys, costumes, or even lingerie. Using props in the photo shoots allow for a more creative outcome. Toys also come into play when shooting a themed boudoir photo shoot.

If you are not sure what to wear, check out these lingeries.

Erotica Boudoir photo shoots differ when it comes to the final outputs. Erotica photo shoots produce sexier and more provocative images. Boudoir photo shoots gift us with romantic and intimate photographs.

3. Popularity

The popularity of boudoir photography has been growing for many years. Many women want to treat themselves with photo shoots. Doing this can be a way of acceptance and appreciation towards their bodies.

Did you know 78% of American girls aged around 17 feel negative about their bodies? So, women loving their bodies and embracing their features is an empowering experience.

Boudoir photography is inspiring other women to embrace self-love and self-care. The fact that each boudoir session is unique also appeals to the women.

So, why do women try boudoir portraits? Some women want it as bridal photos, while others need it for empowerment. When women share experiences and stories that empower, others follow.

Erotic photo shoots allow women to embrace their sexuality. It boosts their confidence in expressing themselves through their bodies. After all, body image has a close link with self-esteem.

4. Place and Poses

In photography, the location can determine the lighting and mood of the photo shoot. The place where the photo shoot happens determines what the outcome would be.

Erotic photo shoots are in private intimate spaces. The purpose is to make the model comfortable and safe.

Boudoir photo shoots are indoors. The word “boudoir” is from a French word that means a sulking place, but now the word means a woman’s bedroom or changing room. Indoor boudoir photo shoot ensures privacy and safety for everyone.

Many photos will be in the bedroom and the bathroom. Setting up the place will be easier because usually, a messy bed looks good in an erotic photo shoot.

Shooting photos in the bathroom while the water is running adds a sensual element to the images. The bathtub filled with flower petals captures a relaxing scene. The steam created on shower doors also adds mystery to the boudoir photos.

Going to the kitchen to take some photos is also a good idea. It adds playfulness to the photo shoot and gives a unique approach to the photo shoot.

While taking pictures, everyone needs to remember the purpose of the photo shoot. They do it to showcase the beauty in a classy and regal way. The photos are a balance of sexuality and empowerment.

5. Poses

The poses for erotic and boudoir photo shoots are different and similar at the same time. In both, the photographers can help direct the model on how to pose. Remember that in posing for boudoir, be suggestive and not scandalous.

In boudoir photo shoots, models flaunt the body part they want to highlight. The photographer can help the model to pose in a way that can show the curves and capture the perfect pose.

Poses for boudoir photo shoots include laying down in bed. This pose gives an intimate feel while making the photo look sultry and seductive.

Another pose can be sitting on a stool. The model uses her legs and hands to pose in a sexy way. This pose is good for accentuating the arms and legs.

By reclining, the model can showcase her breasts and hips. Reclining poses are great for bringing out the natural curves of a woman’s body.

Leaning on something is the perfect way to showcase the body’s curves through lights and shadows. Leaning against a window with natural light gives the model an angelic yet sexy glow.

All these poses can be for both erotic and boudoir photo shoots.

6. Preparations

The whole boudoir session is all about getting pampered and celebrating you. It’s a time to empower and enjoy the process.

On the day of the boudoir erotica shoot, many women feel nervous because they will go and face the camera. Lessen the worry by preparing for the day of the shoot.

Erotic and boudoir photo shoots need the model to show skin and a body. Prepare by exfoliating and then applying a hydrating lotion. Remember, well-hydrated skin is skin that glows.

Have 2-3 outfits prepared for the photo shoot. Bring the best choices and then narrow down based on what looks the best on the camera. Don’t forget to bring accessories that match the outfits.

Putting makeup is essential in a boudoir erotic photo shoot. It is necessary to look the best because pictures are, in a way, immortal. Teeth whitening is also a good idea to achieve a brighter smile.

Doing hair and putting on accessories is part of the process. Hair is an essential element in looking the best for the pictures. More tips to look good for a Boudoir and Pinup are here.

It is also good to prepare some food to avoid getting hungry during the photo shoot. Bring water and light snacks like granola bars and fruits, and you are all set!

7. Expectations

Boudoir photo shoots and Erotic photo shoots are almost the same. The difference between the two is the results. Another is how comfortable the model is in doing poses or actions that are sensual.

The boudoir photo shoot focuses on the romantic and physical beauty of women. It features body parts like the hips and breasts. It also focuses on the celebration of women’s bodies.

Erotica Boudoir photo shoots focus more on the act since poses and actions are suggestive and more mature. The movements express sexuality.

Boudoir and Erotic Photo Shoot

Photos taken in a professional manner can be a great way to feel confident and beautiful. Both boudoir and erotic photo shoot can bring empowerment to women. It’s one of the best ways to celebrate women’s bodies and sexuality.

The difference between boudoir and erotic photography is very little. What’s important is the end product and how women feel about the photo shoot.

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