by Janet Lynn

Why is Boudoir Photography so Expensive- Indiana Boudoir Photographer

Why is Boudoir photography so expensive? As a boudoir photographer, I get asked this question a lot! And the answer usually stuns the client and they abruptly end the conversation or hang up on me and start their search for a cheaper photographer.

Boudoir photography is one of the most intimate experiences you can have with a stranger, with the exception of that yearly pap smear. I ask you this question, would you search around or ask  your friends for a referral to the cheapest OBGYN they know?  I personally would not put myself in stirrups, butt naked with my girl parts hanging out being poked and prodded by the cheapest doctor I could find!

Boudoir photography is a luxury experience that you just can get from any old photographer. Well, I guess you could, but my question is why would you want to?

Not every photographer can pick up a camera and be an expert at shooting boudoir portraits. Why is this you ask?  Because you are dealing with women,  and women are very complex creatures with a tough-as-nails exterior, that they try and build around themselves– their spirits are raw and sensitive, and their confidence is wrapped up with a mound of insecurities. Not every photographer is capable of dealing with these kinds of emotional rollercoasters. We literally have their self-esteem, insecurities, and body image in the palm of our hands.

If a photographer does not know how to light, and pose a client, and use appropriate angles we could do more damage to their self-esteem! You want to choose a photographer that has a ton of experience working with women and has been trained to shoot this genre.

Choose a photographer based on their knowledge and experience, and one that has the portfolio to back it up.  If they say they are an expert in all body shapes and sizes, their portfolio should reflect that. All of the women you see on my website are REAL women–and they all had insecurities/fears just like you do. My expertise really shines in dynamite posing/lighting/coaching of expressions (this is why you can’t hire just ANYONE to shoot this).

I have been shooting boudoir for the past 13 years and have received training from some of the best photographers in the industry.

With most things in life, you get what you pay for! For example, You will not get the same quality meal at a fast-food restaurant that you get in a fine dining establishment.

Photography is the same way. Some studios will rush you through your session, and give you little to no guidance on what you should be doing while they are taking your photos.

Our studio only schedules 1 client a day, so that our clients do not feel rushed, we know that this is so far out of most women’s comfort zones. Rest assured, I will make sure you are comfortable when you arrive and I’m going to ease you into the process—we give you enough time during your session, to go outside your comfort zone, and give your permission and a safe and nurturing environment to let yourself go, and explore yourself.

You think you can’t do this because you are a mom who rocks the same tee for four days and lives on coffee, dry shampoo, and a prayer. You think you can’t do this because you aren’t in the same size jeans you wore in high school, or because you have some lumps/bumps. You think you can’t do this because you don’t feel worthy enough/beautiful enough/brave enough

What would you say if I told you booking a session with my studio could break up with all the lies swirling around in your brain? What would you give to feel celebrated, comfortable in your skin, beautiful in spite of a few things you’d like to change?

Yes, I’m going to push your boundaries of comfort–because you are worth that to me, and because I know the potential that lives inside you. If I told you that you would go through five minutes of sheer terror, but then gain a lifetime worth of things like forgiving yourself, self-compassion, understanding, self-worth, healing, learning to shift your focus from fighting the past to building yourself up—-would it be worth it to you?

How much is an extra boost of confidence and self-esteem worth to you?

But why is Photographer A down the street, cost so much less than you?  Oh, oh, oh, this is an excellent question.  Photographer A may not be running a legal business. Running a legal business is a very expensive endeavor. For example, below is a list of expenses my studio must pay on a monthly basis before making a dime.

  • Liability Insurance- incase you get hurt during your session
  • Camera and equipment insurance
  • Taxes (Uncle Sam takes 35% of what you pay me)
  • Printing and album design
  • Editing Costs
  • Marketing costs.
  • Well paid employees
  • Professional association memberships
  • Office admin costs
  • Website costs
  • Top of the line Software and computers
  • Phone, internet and electricity
  • Luxury sets props and linens
  • Laundry services for bedding and clothing
  • Expos and fair
  • Professional education
  • Back up devices, and extra backup devices and cloud storage to keep your images safe.

I know you are thinking that  I am just snapping some images of you and moving on with my life, BUT, the reality of the situation is I spend approximately 15 hours working on each individual client before, after and during, and after your session date.


Here is a list of some of the things that go into making the beautiful images that you see coming out of my studio. And the reason my studio has all 5-star reviews.

  • Phone consultation
  • Pre-Session emails to make sure you are 100% prepared for your session
  • Cleaning & sanitizing the studio and linens that you will be using
  • The photoshoot, hair and makeup, and the viewing and ordering session.
  • Editing your images to make them magazine quality.
  • Album design, album edits, and product ordering your products
  • Delivery of Products


But how I afford to do this Janet?  Most people I know want the newest phone model in their hands, and the phone companies make this possible by allowing small monthly payments, so you can have that new model in your hot little hands. Well, the good news is, our studio does the same thing. We offer amazing financing options to make your experience more affordable.

And last but not least, our studio curates products that are heirloom quality and stand the test of time. Also, and most important, at our studio your privacy is our number 1 priority.

Please contact us to find out more about our services and payment plans.



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