Will Shutterfly Print Boudoir Photos?

Will Shutterfly Print Boudoir Photos?

Well, well, well. It seems like someone is feeling extra spicy and daring these days. Ready to show off their sultry side, eh? You know what they say, a little bit of boudoir can go a long way. But here’s the thing, my little lovebug, not all printing companies are created equal. And sadly, in the case of Shutterfly, they just can’t handle the heat.

Don’t get me wrong, Shutterfly is great for printing your mundane family vacation photos or your little Timmy’s kindergarten graduation pics. But boudoir photos? Oh no, no, no. Those belong in the hands of a professional printing lab, recommended by your trusted photographer.

But why, you may ask? Well, let me paint you a picture. Say you send your steamy photos to Shutterfly for printing. They’ll probably print them on their standard glossy paper, which is great for most photos but not boudoir shots. Glossy paper tends to reflect light, which can create unwanted glares and highlights on the more *ahem* sensitive areas of your photos. Yikes.

Plus, Shutterfly’s printers aren’t really calibrated for skin tones. They tend to oversaturate colors, making skin look more orange or reddish than it really is. And let’s face it, nobody wants to look like a carrot in their boudoir photos.

So, my dear, if you really want to do those boudoir photos justice, stick with the lab your photographer recommends. They’re more likely to use a paper with a matte finish, which reduces glare and gives a more flattering look to skin tones. Plus, they’ll make sure the colors are just right, so you don’t end up looking like a clown. And if you want your pictures to be kept private, it is best to go with the photo lab suggested by your photographer. Here at Boudoir by Janet Lynn, we recommend Unit Prints.

Trust me, your boudoir shots deserve the best treatment. So, go ahead, show your sexy side. Just make sure you print them with the right company.


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