You are not ordinary babe! So stop acting like it!

You are not ordinary babe! So stop acting like it!

I believe you were born for an incredible purpose. I believe you were given a great story.
In a world where you share a birthday with 19 million people, it’s easy to feel like you aren’t anyone particularly special.
You have the same hair color and pant size as thousands of other women, or maybe you look up from your windowless office into a sea of other cubicles. You feel like just a number–like your mundane day-to-day doesn’t amount to anything impactful.
But underneath that common hair color is a pair of eyes that made him breathless….the ones he searches for in a crowd, the ones that he stayed awake thinking about on the day he met you.
And your arms..while they also look ordinary, they are the only arms that can comfort your sick baby in the middle of the night–the arms that curl her hair for her school picture, the arms that wave wildly when he scores his first touchdown. They fold the clothes, wash the dishes, cook meals, clean the house–they keep your family functioning and feeling cared for.
Your laugh–you think it’s too loud & obnoxious, but it’s the laugh that your best friend could pick out of 500 laughs with her eyes closed. Your infectious laugh was sometimes the only light on her very darkest days. It’s what she’s going to remember when she’s old, looking back on all the life she has lived.
Your heart–it beats just like everyone else’s, but only yours can give and pour into your people with your super special brand of love, energy, and passion. Your heart makes them feel seen and heard–it comforts them, challenges them, and they feel like a better person because they know you.
You are NOT ordinary, babe. There is no other you on the entire planet–act like it.


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