your Photographer- Janet Kaufman

Hi, I am Janet Kaufman I am a boudoir expert.  I work with women who struggle daily with self- confidence and self-worth. I use my camera to show them that they are sexy, desirable and perfect just how they are.  I am also a plus size girl. So I know how it is, to stand in front of your mirror naked, look at your body and then tear yourself down,  I have had body image and confidence issues my entire life. 

I have had the pleasure of photographing  hundreds of woman who's lives have been changed just by having their boudoir photos done.  If you don't believe me, take a second and read our 5 star google reviews HERE or read our email reviews HERE.

I have been shooting boudoir portraits of woman for over ten years now.  I absolutely LOVE my job and feel so blessed that I have been given this amazing gift.   Over the last 10 years I have worked with woman of all shapes and sizes. Some have been a size 2 and some a size 30. And the fact that my size 2 client had the same body insecurities as as my size 30 client tells me it is not all about body shape and size, it is more about their individual feelings of self worth.  I have made it my mission to help all women accept themselves, not only to accept the good stuff , but to accept their scars, their creases, their stretch marks, their freckles, their disabilities, or (insert your insecurity HERE) . 

Your are beautiful, just as you are !    

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