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It is the night before your session and the pre-boudoir panic has set in!  You are this close to canceling your session! Every woman who has booked a session with me has been right where you are right now. At first you’re excited and you’ve booked the appointment…but the moment you put down the phone […]

You have booked your Boudoir or Pinup Session, NOW WHAT?  


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No two women are the same, so we believe that you should have a choice of what type of makeup look you choose for your session!  Don’t worry we have you covered, even if you do not wear makeup on a daily basis. Don’t let mountains of makeup options stop you from having the time […]

What kind of makeup should I do for my Boudoir or Pinup Session?


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When planning for your special night out or your very own boudoir session, your undergarments mean a lot. And they can showcase your sexy side when choosing the right type of undergarments – especially when it’s lingerie that fits well.   Here through this short guide, I will walk you through finding the best kinds […]

What Kind of Lingerie is Best for My Body Type?

What to Wear

Chicago boudoir photography studio by Janet Lynn
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Everyone always wonders how do I  pose for my boudoir photo session. First of all, don’t worry I will walk you through everything and every pose. But if you feel like you want to practice, here are a few quick and easy posing tips.  When it comes down to it, there are a few easy […]

How do I pose for my boudoir photo session


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So you have been tossing around the idea of having Boudoir Session done You probably have lots of crazy ideas rolling around in your head about what session is really like. Most people think a boudoir session is a sensual experience and that they have to know how to pose and look sexy before they […]

See what a Boudoir Experience is really like | Boudoir & Pinup By Janet Lynn

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