How Social Media Affects Your Self-Esteem: Tips to Change What You Look at on Social Media| Indiana boudoir photography

How Social Media Affects Your Self-Esteem: Tips to Change What You Look at on Social Media| Indiana boudoir photography

Like most people you, you probably can’t imagine a life without social media. The average person spends upwards of two hours a day looking at social media. For some of us, this can be very harmful

Every day, we make the conscious decision to either scroll through our social media feed or not. The choice seems simple enough, but the implications of this seemingly small decision are huge. If you’re scrolling through your feed and feel bad about yourself, what is that doing for your self-esteem? It’s time to take control over how you use social media in order to change your feelings!

When you’re scrolling through your feed, what are you looking at? Do the people in your social media look like yourself or do they seem to be living a perfect life? If it’s the former, this can seriously damage how you feel about yourself. However, if it is helping elevate your self-esteem and confidence then that’s okay.

Every person is unique and beautiful just as they are, but some people can’t embrace flaws or any physical imperfections. They always need to be perfect.

People must realize that everyone has flaws and it is okay! Life isn’t meant to look “perfect.” When people feel good about themselves, they embrace their uniqueness instead of hiding behind filters.

It’s time to take control over your social media feed in order to change what you look at. To start, monitor how you feel before getting on social media and how you feel after. Your social media feed should not cause you anxiety! If you feel bad after viewing your feeds, Here are a few ideas how to change your feed.

  1. if the friends you are following make you unhappy about your own life, then unfollow them, they will never know you did this and you will never have to see their posts again. But realize no one outright posts their failures, they only the good stuff, so that that their lives look all rosy and perfect. Everyone has struggles!
  2. Follow people who are honest and open about their lives and feelings.
  3. If someone is posting pictures of themselves in a bikini and it makes you feel insecure, don’t send them a follow request.
  4. If you are following companies that only post seeming perfect people in their ads, such as boudoir photographers and clothing companies who only post people who are a size 2, unfollow them. And find a company that sells your size clothing and find a boudoir photographer that features women of all body sizes and shapes of women. For example, check out our Indiana boudoir photography studio on Instagram and Facebook- we feature women of all shapes and sizes who are proud of their bodies. We show our followers how they can love themselves and celebrate their bodies by taking Indiana boudoir photography.
  5. Don’t follow diet gurus or fitness trainers unless they motivate you! I am gonna drop you a truth bomb here. Even if you ate the exact thing that Rhonda the trainer ate every day and did the exact same exercise routine she did, you would still look completely different than her. Our bodies are all different in what they need and what they will look like.
  6. There are so many amazing people who can help with confidence. Fill your stream with a ton of body confidence influences. Check out the Posi Panda!

Social media can be a slippery slope for many people, many studies have shown that improper social media use can cause depression and addiction. But it can also be a great tool in helping us feel better about ourselves and our lives if you are following the right things. Make the decision to change what you look at when scrolling through your feed and watch how much happier you will become!

Our  Indiana boudoir photography studio is dedicated to empowering women by making them see how beautiful they are!


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