Fort Wayne Boudoir Photography | Janet Lynn Studios

Fort Wayne Boudoir Photography | Janet Lynn Studios

Living in Northern Indiana, I live and breathe everything boudoir & pinup. And although many of my boudoir clients come from the Chicago area, I want you to know that I am here to serve YOU when you are looking for Fort Wayne boudoir photography.

Because when you’re looking for the best boudoir photographer, there are a few things that you’re probably looking for. Style, personality, experience, someone you can trust, and someone who knows the ropes when it comes to creating the most beautiful boudoir photos you’ve ever seen.

And why not jump into that with me, shall we?

Fort Wayne Boudoir photos


When you’re looking for Fort Wayne boudoir photography, here’s what you can expect from me…

I’ll bring all 10+ years of experience to the table.

And with those many years under my belt, I’ll be your guide through everything. And by “everything,” I mean all of it from the moment you reach out to the moment I deliver those photos and beyond.

Because you’re probably going to wonder about what to wear, how to prep, who to hire for professional hair & makeup around Fort Wayne, how to pose, and pretty much everything else. And you know what? Awesome! Because I don’t expect you to know the best practices. That’s exactly why I am here for you! Leave all those things to me and just have fun with your boudoir experience.

I’ll be your guide through everything. Promise.


Naperville boudoir photographer

Fort Wayne Boudoir Photography

And when you work with me, you not only get those sexy lingerie photos, but you get full access to my boudoir studio and everything that comes with it.

While you’re at my studio, you can have even more fun by changing up your hair, makeup and outfit and take some pinup photos too! They’re always so much fun, and we really get to be playful with emotion, props, and the colorful sets.

Fort Wayne Pinup Photography

Simply just reach out to me chat about everything boudoir.

Or pinup.

Or heck, just to chat and make a new friend.

Whatever you are looking for with your search for Fort Wayne boudoir photography, reach out to me! Simply use the contact form on my site, ask all your questions, and let’s connect.

Because when you reach out to me, it’s not like I expect you to book anything right away. I want to get to know you, and I want you to get to know me. There’s no obligation to book me when you reach out. It’s simply to see if we’re a great match together. And if we are – then fantastic!

Bottom line, I want to be your boudoir photographer and I want you to have SO MUCH FUN with your boudoir experience. It’s so much more than just getting your picture taken.

You’ll see. 🙂

Northern Indiana & Fort Wayne Boudoir Photography

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Have a look around the blog and make sure to contact me ASAP! Let’s get your session day on my calendar, and let’s create memories that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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