Curvy Boudoir Photography Ideas

Curvy Boudoir Photography Ideas

Hey, gorgeous! I see you’re worried about needing “ideas” for a curvy boudoir session. Let me tell you something, girl. You don’t need ideas because you’re fabulous just the way you are! You don’t need to be thin to rock a boudoir session. In fact, curvy girls are photographed the exact same way as non-curvy girls.

An experienced photographer, like yours truly, knows how to light and pose you to accentuate the parts of your body that you love and downplay the parts you may not be as fond of. So, don’t you worry your pretty little head about a thing! I promise I’ll have you feeling and looking your absolute best during your boudoir session.

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Here’s the deal. No one body type is better for boudoir photography than another. Each and everybody is unique and beautiful in its own right. And as a photographer, it’s my job to showcase that beauty through my lens.

Here is a little secret I want to tell you. As a curvy girl, you probably think the grass is greener on the other side! Well, I am gonna suprise you with this truth bomb. Are you ready to hear it? The grass is not always greener on the other side. I have been photographing women of every shape and size, and walk of life for the last 15 years, and each and every woman who walk through my studio doors feels the exact same way about their body. Even the smallest of women I have photographed hated themselves in one way or another. Are you surprised by this statement?

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So when you are searching for a boudoir photographer, make sure they have all different kinds of bodies in their portfolio, not just one type. Also make sure they are not just photographing curvy girls from the boobs up!  If they are an experienced photographer, they will know how to pose every woman’s body.

So, whether you’re curvy, thin, tall, short, or anything in between, you’re going to rock your boudoir session like a boss! Especially if you chose me as your photographer!

So, go ahead and embrace your curves, girl! You don’t need to change a thing. Let’s make some magic together and create some stunning boudoir photos that you’ll cherish forever. Trust me; you’ve got this!


Have a look around the blog and make sure to contact me ASAP! Let’s get your session day on my calendar, and let’s create memories that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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