Tammy’s Session From Perspective of the Boudoir Photographer

Working with a client for a boudoir photography session is a unique and deeply personal experience. It goes far beyond just capturing beautiful images; it involves building trust, addressing fears and insecurities, and ultimately empowering clients on their journey to self-discovery and improved self-esteem. Tammy’s boudoir experience was not much different. She found our Indiana boudoir studio on social media, and made contact with us.

When a client first reaches out for a boudoir session, it’s often a mix of excitement and apprehension. They might have seen boudoir images in magazines or on social media and be captivated by the idea of feeling confident and beautiful in front of the camera. However, many clients also come with a set of fears and insecurities that can be a barrier to them fully embracing the experience.

Tammy racing jacket

One of the initial steps in this process is having a conversation with the client. It’s an opportunity for them to voice their concerns and expectations. They might express worries about their body, their perceived flaws, or concerns about being exposed in such an intimate way. It’s essential to create a safe and welcoming space for them to share these feelings, without judgment. This dialogue helps you understand their unique needs and tailor the session accordingly. We also discuss waredrobe options for their session.  Let me tell you, after our conversation tammy went to work finding outfits, most clients try and come prepared, but Tammy was much different, she mega prepared!  And I loved this so, so much!!!!!  She came with her outfits, in labled plastic ziplock bags, with the jewelery she was going to wear with each outfit, and those ziplock bags in the shoe boxes with the shoes that she was going to wear with each outfit.  She also brought along extra outfits incase we needed them, and those outfits were prepped in the same way.  She was so organized, it made the session run so smooth.

Tammy white lace

Once Tammy sat down in the hair and makeup chair her fears started to melt away as my amazing hair and makeup artist started working on her. This usually happens with most clients!  Then we start our session.  Clients are usually very nervous at the start of the session, and Tammy was no different.

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The trust that clients must place in a boudoir photographer is immense. They are entrusting you with their vulnerability and self-image. Your role as a photographer goes beyond just taking photos; you become a confidant, a cheerleader, and a source of support throughout the process.

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As the session begins and the camera starts to click, something magical often happens. Insecurities that seemed insurmountable start to melt away. It’s as if the act of being in front of the camera becomes a form of therapy. And once you start showing the client their photos on the back of the camera, magic happens with that client, once the see images of themselves on the back of the camera and know that what they are seeming are not retouched in anyway yet.  It spikes their confidence immensely!!

Tammy boudoir

When Tammy returned to view her images, she loved them so much she she purchased my biggest package and customed the album to represent her husbands other favorite thing, his car!  The cover was black leather with neon green trim.  She even brought along his riding jacket to use during the photos.


Tammy wood floor


Later the next year I started doing pinup photos and she returned as a pinup client. Please not that I do not offer pinup sessions any longer, but it is alway an honor when a client loves you and your work enough to come back for a second session.  Tammy was such a dream to work work with I also had her back as a hair and makeup model when my Hair and Makeup artist was learning to do Pinup hair and makeup.

Tammy black lace


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