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The 3 Biggest Myths About Boudoir Sessions

The 3 Biggest Myths About Boudoir Sessions |Chicago  Boudoir Photographer

There’s a reason that Greek Goddesses are mired in wonderful mythology: because beauty and power broke the boundaries of society, and it’s the same thing for boudoir photography. We hear so many of these myths, often disguised as excuses. We love to set the record straight because the truth is always empowering, and the core value of Janet Lynn Boudoir & Pinup is the growth and empowerment of the women who step in front of our lens.

Boudoir Session Myth #1

Probably the most common myth is: that you have to be in great shape to take boudoir portraits.

The tale is one fueled by a society that is always telling women that they are not enough… yet. You’re not young enough, thin enough, fit enough, or good enough to be desirable and sexy all on your own. But here’s the thing: you totally are.

Boudoir is for EVERY Body. In a boudoir session *you* are the canvas, you are your own muse, and we simply provide a space for you to feel comfortable, in control, and brave enough to embrace your body and tell the world (and yourself) that you are more than enough. You are more sassy, sexy, and coy than anyone can handle, and your time is right now, your day is today.

Boudoir Session Myth #2

You do NOT have to bare it all !

Every woman has a different sensual language. Some women ready to bare it all with seductive creative posing, while others enjoy a nice robe or lingerie to tell the story of their curves and shape. Even still, some clients love to embrace their expressive side with a Pinup session complete with kitten heels, an apron, and hair that would make Marilyn Monroe jealous.

 We are here for all of it. Every variation of fashion and expression that brings out your inner light and ignites your confidence: our sessions disprove the myth that you have to get naked, or you have to do Pinup to do a boudoir session. You don’t have to do anything except embrace everything!

Boudoir Session Myth #3

You’ll hide what I don’t like and “photoshop” me to look beautiful.

 One of the reasons we are a popular boudoir studio in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana areas is that we truly appreciate you: all of you. And you are already beautiful. 

We are masters of sensual expression and take pride in producing portraiture that helps our clients see their stunning beauty AND that every detail in who they are doesn’t need to be airbrushed out of existence for them to BE gorgeous. No way! From booking your session to the afternoon of pampering and styled fun and the excitement of the finished product, we are passionate about creating authentic work, which reflects just how amazing you are, and you’ll see no heavy airbrushing was needed.

You’ve been doing a lot for everyone else around you for the months now, and it’s it time you gave yourself permission to indulge?

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