Top 12 Frequently Asked Questions About Boudoir Photography

Top 12 Frequently Asked Questions About Boudoir Photography

The thought of a boudoir session can be scary. When talking to women about their sessions, I get asked many questions. So, I wanted to compile a list of my 12 most frequently asked questions to give you some insight on preparing for a boudoir session with me!

Do you share my images?

Our number 1 priority is making sure our clients are comfortable, especially with boudoir!  It can be life-changing experience, but that also makes it nerve-wracking!  Sometimes, you are learning how to love your body and aren’t quite ready to the images with the world, or sometimes, these photos are specifically for your significant other and are not meant for anyone else’s eyes.  These are all great reasons for not sharing your photos, and it all depends on your personal preferences!  If there are photos that I would like to share, I will ask your permission first, and only share what you are comfortable with. And if you say no, we fully respect that decision, and there will be no pressure.

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Do I have to wear lingerie?

You definitely don’t have to specifically wear lingerie; it depends on your personality!  There are a bunch of outfit ideas other than lacy little things.

Do you have payment plans?

We offer a few payment options. There is a booking/session fee to book your shoot. The booking/session fee is due at the time of booking to guarantee our session date and time.  We also offer pre and post-payment plans on all of our image packages.  Let me know if this is something you want to set up.

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Is hair and makeup included?

Hair and makeup is included with most of our boudoir shoots!  I think it is really important for you to feel pampered, and having your hair and makeup done is a great way to do that!  Our fantastic team can help you complete your look, whether that’s an enhanced natural look or a full-on glam look!  You can bring any ideas you want for makeup, and we can try to use it for inspiration!

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Do you Photoshop my images, I have cellulite/stretch marks/acne. Can you get rid of that?

In most cases, Yes, that is part of my retouching process. I edit your images for color balance, light and exposure. I also airbrush your skin for a flawless look. I want my clients to look like themselves, just a bit more polished. Because this experience is a way to help you learn to love your body just the way it currently is, I will not do any body altering edits. I use lighting and posing to define how I want your body to look. It is really important to me that my clients love themselves the way they are and embrace themselves for who they are

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Where should I buy my outfits?

There are a few places to buy outfits from, and it depends on what you are getting and the style of your shoot. Here is a list to choose from with different styles and sizing. Victoria’s Secret, Forever21, Adore Me, Torrid, and Hips and Curves. After you book your session, you will receive a more extended list in your session preparation guide.

Please note that we do have a client closet with over 600 items for you to borrow from.  Please note, I think it is important to bring along a few items of your own to your session also.

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What type of print products do you offer?

We offer a variety of beautiful albums and wall art.

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Do you offer digitals?

All of our packages include some sort of print product, but there is also an A La Carte List that you can choose from as well! On this list we have an option to purchase just digital images.  These digital images will be sent to you via email for you to download and share.

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I am freaking out! How can I calm my nerves?

Nerves are all part of the experience! I always say that it would probably be weird if you WEREN’T nervous. The nervousness at the beginning of your shoot makes your moment of “WOW” seeing your photos for the first time so much better.

How many outfits should I bring?

Our luxury session includes up to 4 outfits. I always say to bring more if you can’t decide and I will help you decide at your shoot what you are going to wear.

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Should I get to my shoot early?

No, being right on time is best!

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Where is your studio located?

My studio is located in beautiful Crown Point, Indiana. We are just 40 minutes from downtown Chicago and 2.5 hours from Downtown Indianapolis. We photograph women from all over Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. We have even had clients travel from Tampa, Florida, for their session. If you are traveling from a distance, we have a lot of great hotels in the area!






Have a look around the blog and make sure to contact me ASAP! Let’s get your session day on my calendar, and let’s create memories that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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