What Kind of Lingerie is Best for My Body Type?

What Kind of Lingerie is Best for My Body Type?

When planning for your special night out or your very own boudoir session, your undergarments mean a lot. And they can showcase your sexy side when choosing the right type of undergarments – especially when it’s lingerie that fits well.


Here through this short guide, I will walk you through finding the best kinds of lingerie for your very own body type.


The Hourglass Bodytype

When you have the traditional hourglass figure, emphasize it! Throw on that teddie, attach some garter belts, wear high-leg stockings. Wear a thong, g-string if it suits your personality, and a matching lace set is always a great choice. And as an important note about the garter belt, it will draw attention to your hips and legs. So, if that’s something you’re wanting – make sure to grab it.


Narrow Shoulders and Wider Hips

With this bodytype, try to draw more attention to your breasts by choosing a pushup bra, bustier, flowing & low-cut camisole, or well-fitted corset – just to give you some ideas.


Athletic Figure (Fairly Straight-Lined Bodytype)

Here, it’s all about giving your body as much shape as possible. So, use the lines of your lingerie style to catch their eye. For example, choose g-string, thong or cheeky bottoms… and for the top, you can select from a cupless shelf, 3/4 cup, balcony, demi, or molded cup. And a sexy, well-fitted teddie or corset can also help give you some of that shape you are looking to accentuate.


Smaller Chest, Smaller Curves

If you happen to have smaller breasts, try on some bustiers, corsets, teddies, and lingerie sets that really go after STYLE and confidence.  Body stockings and bodysuits can also potentially be pulled off well by this bodytype, but their use is fairly rare.


Curvy / Apple Bodytypes

If you have more curves, stick with matching sets. This won’t draw attention to any particular area, but will showcase all those beautiful curves in all the right areas at once. Shapewear and chemise’s will fit your body well and you can play around with the idea of babydoll dresses as well if you want to go more playful.


Match your top & bottom

Mix-matched sets rarely work well, in my opinion. So unless you find a mix-matched set that really works well for unique reasons, buy a matching top & bottom set. It will look like it’s more professionally styled and like you put more thought into your outfit.


What color of lingerie is best for my body type?

This is another super common question that frequently gets asked both online and within the best lingerie stores around the world. And personally, I say stick with either the basics (white, black, red) or think about what type of color is going to give off the aesthetic you’re going after.

As an example, a light purple/lilac color is going to be more playful, fun and youthful. A yellow might appear as friendly or welcoming. A pink is also viewed as youthful (hence why Victoria’s Secret has their youthful & aptly named ‘Pink’ label).

White can be seen as innocent, and black can be seen as a bit less innocent. This is also why many bridal boudoir sessions are traditionally photographed in white lingerie sets.

One of the most important aspects to consider outside of the “vibe” that you want the color to give off, it’s also equally important for the lingerie to contrast against your skin tone to really POP.




Have a look around the blog and make sure to contact me ASAP! Let’s get your session day on my calendar, and let’s create memories that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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