What to wear to a boudoir photoshoot? | Indiana Boudoir Photographer

What to wear to a boudoir photoshoot? | Indiana Boudoir Photographer

So you’re wondering what to wear to a boudoir photoshoot? When choosing your Indiana boudoir photographer, it is important to choose a photographer that has a firm grasp on what to wear to your boudoir photoshoot and how the items should fit you.  I have been an Indiana boudoir photographer for 12+ years. And I have no problem telling my clients that the outfit does not fit and they should wear something else . Believe it or not, the wardrobe is one of the most important parts of your boudoir photoshoot. Choosing what you wear for this special occasion should not be taken lightly because it will become evident in all photos that we take together! The wrong clothing can make a person’s figure look out-of-proportion or unappealing, so think carefully about which items work best with features like yours before deciding on any new outfits.


Below are some ideas of what to wear to your boudoir photoshoot:

Bra & Panty Sets


Bra and panty sets are a popular choice for most women. In my experience, the only time I do not recommend them is if you dislike your stomach area or have stretch marks from surgery that still show through clothing. If bra-sets aren’t right for you but want matching underwear (or two), just buy some new undies instead! The main thing with these types of lingerie is making sure they fit correctly because no one cares what size their favorite pair would normally be: cut out tags before moving forward; also make certain there isn’t any falling out when running around during an activity

Corsets and Bustiers

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A corset is a women’s garment that has been around for centuries. There are two types of corsets; one will constrict your midsection and make the waist appear smaller, while another type has built-in bras that boost up breasts. If you want more coverage than just across the stomach area I recommend steel-boned undergarments because they provide support all over as well as balance out any curves with vertical lines. I have a love-hate relationship with corsets. If they don’t fit correctly your busts will form a shelf on top and fall out anytime you move. If they are to big, there will be a gap on top that will not look good in photos.  I personally would like to see you bring in a Bustier instead.

The Teddy

Is a very sexy garment that covers the torso and crotch area. These are similar to a one-piece bathing suit. This type of garment is great for hiding some of your flaws, but it also really shows off your curves and comes in lots of different fabric choices. This looks great on every body type!

Baby Dolls

Baby dolls may seem like a great option for covering the areas that you may not want to show, but most of the time baby dolls add bulk to your body and make you appear larger than you are.

The slip

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Back when I was younger a slip was worn under a dress or a skirt, but nowadays slips are sexier and hug your body. A slip should fall just under or just above the butt. The shorter they are the longer your legs will look. They may also come with removable garters.


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A leather jacket, sexy jeans, an off-the-shoulder sweater or a sheer t-shirt are all great options.  Bring along a piece or two of your significant others’ clothing is always sexy too.
Shoes- Don’t forget the shoes, the higher the heel the better!  Black and nude are always a great option, they match everything.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don’t feel sexy, confident and downright HOT, do not wear it. Also, be sure anything you bring fits you correctly. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT OUR BOUDOIR GALLERY to get ideas of what other women have been photographed in


Have a look around the blog and make sure to contact me ASAP! Let’s get your session day on my calendar, and let’s create memories that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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