Chicago Boudoir Photos | The Best & The Most Fun

Chicago Boudoir Photos | The Best & The Most Fun

When wanting the best Chicago boudoir photos, you should absolutely do your research. After all, it’s one thing to show off that sexy, seductive photo, but it’s another thing entirely to guide women into creating that final result.

The best Chicago boudoir photography

And I say that because I am coming from many years of experience behind the camera as a Chicago boudoir photographer with my very own studio, and not to mention the hundreds of clients over those same years.  And I say with absolute gumption – it’s so so so important for you to have FUN with your boudoir photographer. Because that level of fun is definitely going to show in your photos!


You’re ultimately in charge of your photos, too.

Yes, I will guide you through the best poses and I will be cracking jokes the entire time with you, and yes we will be creating the best Chicago boudoir photos for you to cherish forever – but you are the one in charge.

Everybody’s perception of what is “sexy” is a little bit different. We can go playful, seductive, cute, beautiful, or just down-right steamy. After all, many boudoir photos end up being gifts for their significant other or for their very own keepsake. Either way, it’s totally your choice.

Heck, you could be getting married around Chicago and you know what’s a great idea for those unexpected pre-wedding gifts the morning of your wedding day? Bridal Chicago boudoir photos!

Chicago Boudoir Photos

Just think about his reaction when he’s getting ready the morning of your wedding day (or on that special anniversary of yours) and he finds that album tied up with a red bow. And just imagine his face (and delight) as he opens that album to find his sexy girlfriend/fiance/wife within those pages. Now THAT is going to be a gift he will truly cherish forever!


Check out some of these Chicago boudoir photos that I’ve taken over the years…

The best Chicago boudoir photos

Personally, I LOVED this set of Chicago boudoir photos taken in my studio. This floral backdrop really made for an incredible vibe. And the black allowed the entire focus to be on that gorgeous booty and the blue lingerie set.


Chicago boudoir photography for every body

And when it comes to who I work with as a Chicago boudoir photographer, I work with everyBODY. Get it? Every body! And I’ve personally gotten in front of the camera myself many times to come from experience knowing what it’s like on BOTH sides.

Absolutely everything that I do is with you in mind.

And yes, that includes having an awesome time together! Sarcasm is now being served daily, haha.

Chicago Pinup Photography by Janet Lynn


Sexy Chicago boudoir photos in black lingerie B&W boudoir photos in Chicago


No matter the style of Chicago boudoir photos that you’re looking for, we can capture it together. Simply reach out to me through the contact form on my website! Check out my portfolio, and let’s have a completely no-obligation chat.

Bottom line, I want you to know that you and I will have the absolute best time creating the best boudoir photos that steam right off those album pages.

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Have a look around the blog and make sure to contact me ASAP! Let’s get your session day on my calendar, and let’s create memories that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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