Today I want to talk to you about what Confidence is, and what it is NOT.  
So many of you think that in order to book (or rock) a boudoir photo session, you have to have confidence first to book boudoir photos. You think you’ll find your confidence by waiting and hoping: waiting to lose or gain weight, waiting for a surgery, hoping to lose some cellulite, waiting to feel sexier, waiting to be in a relationship, waiting to like how you look in your clothes (or without them)—fill in the blank. You are just hoping one day you’ll wake up and feel CONFIDENT and SEXY AF.
But that’s just not how it works. HOPING IS NOT A STRATEGY. You need a PLAN. You can’t stake your confidence on losing weight, getting down to a certain jean size, or finding a good partner. And confidence isn’t something you ‘need’ before a session, either. Confidence will find you in the middle of doing the hard thing that you thought you couldn’t do. Confidence is finding security within yourself–it’s feeling like you no longer need to play the comparison game, but standing tall in who you are. It’s being kind–it’s sharing your light with others because you are sure of what you have to offer.
I can help you find your confidence, even amongst your fear.
I can help you feel alive, even if you have doubts.
I can show you what it is to be totally free on the inside–if you’ve been a prisoner of what ‘other people’ think for as long as you can remember.
But here’s the thing: you have to want it for yourself, as badly as I want it for you. Make a choice and always remember: the stakes are high, the rewards are great.
I’ll jump if you will.  This lovely client did ! Check out Miss A’s Boudoir photoshoot.


Have a look around the blog and make sure to contact me ASAP! Let’s get your session day on my calendar, and let’s create memories that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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