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You look at the women in the images I post and you think:-


“Wow, maybe some day I’ll have her confidence.”-“Must be nice to be *that* pretty..I’ll never be able to do this because I don’t look like her.” -“This is a nice concept, but I don’t know that I can ‘look sexy’…I don’t have a sexy bone in my body.


“Every single woman I’ve ever photographed was scared shitless. Every one of them took a big risk, and had to learn to bet onthemselves. Every one of them has doubt. Remember that there is a story behind every single image you see–that behind everymountain these women have climbed, there were some serious valleys that they had to walk through.


I’ve had a front row seat to watch more transformation than I ever thought possible. I’ve seen what happens when bravery outweighs fear, when trust in the process outweighs self-doubt.


It all starts with a decision to stop playing small–to stop taking yourself out of the game–to stop being a slave to your excuses–to stop saying ‘some day.’ Be the kind of woman who just does it anyways


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